Bob Ong’s “Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin” Is A Must Read!

 lumayo ka nga sa akin book cover


When in Manila and eager to to see fragments of Philippine culture using critical lens, reading funny yet substantial and insightful books is a good idea. Bob Ong is just one of the most-read writers who is also famous for his unique and piercing way of criticizing certain aspects of the Philippine Culture which is done with a touch of humor. And he does again in his newest book called Lumayo ka nga sa akin.

Lumayo ka nga sa akin is the ninth book of bestselling writer Bob Ong. Like other Bob Ong’s books, this one was much anticipated not just by Bob Ong fans but also by individuals who are eager to taste an ultimate Bob Ong reading experience.

The book’s cover, which is inspired by the iconic Tagalog Romance pocketbooks sold almost everywhere, may seem too cliché at first. So does its “synopsis” printed on its back cover which gives a hint on the “story” in a form of a plug for a typical primetime serye:

Mula sa kasumpa-sumpang kahirapan  at kalunos-lunos na kaignorantehan sa mundong kanyang kinagisnan, namulat si Marie sa tunay na mukha ng matamis mapagpakasakit na pag-ibig. Ngunit makakayanan niya ba ang mga hamon ng bukas? Ano ang kanyang magiging kapalaran?  Huwag na huwag palalampasin ang mga tagpo ngayong gabi sa telesineseryenobela na kumpleto sa mga pang-aapi, paghihiganti, impostor, amnesia, kasal at diary!

But don’t get it wrong. The entire book is way beyond that. In fact, the book touches on a wide variety of shows and formats that we have in Philippine media and what these things reflect about our culture.

In fact, the book is not just about Marie and her very teleserye-ish life. It is actually divided into three parts: Bala sa bala, kamao sa kamao, satsat sa satsat; Shake, shaker, shakest; and Asawa ni Marie. These three parts, which are of different genres, all contain criticisms on the different aspects of Philippine television and media in general. It also tries to trace how the media negatively affects lives particularly of the younger generation.


Lumayo ka nga sa akin


It is a very good eye-opener for everyone most especially to the media practitioners who may want to make a difference and share good values and other substantial things on air and not just conform to the norms while doing business.


Bob Ong’s “Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin” Is A Must Read!