Bioessence Skincare Line: Everyday Beauty Now Easily within Reach

The skin care industry just found its newest contender for everyday beauty products as Bioessence launched not one, (not two, not three!) but FOUR skin care lines whose combination caters to just about any skin type: Acnetrol, Preventage, Biolite, Dermage. Each skin care line is meant to address the dermatological and day to day requirements of skin types of different ages. Users can now take the Bioessence experience at Bioessence-Skincare-Line-Everyday-Beauty-Now-Easily-Within-Reach-0011home with these new products.


The Acnetrol series of products are aimed at helping remove breakouts among those with healthy but active lifestyles such as those in their twenties. Those in their thirties and forties may benefit from Preventage and Biolite, which focuses on retaining youthfulness and fair evenness of skin tone, respectively. The Dermage line caters to more mature skin types that need more assistance and anti-aging properties.



The successful launch at The Beech last April 22, 2016 rolled out the product line with an actual demo of how the service at Bioessence works. Three doctors from Bioessence went around the venue to analyze skin types of each guest and recommended a product line that matches individual needs. (In my case, I managed to get the Biolite package because even when I had satisfactory collagen levels, the dermatologist advised me to work on my dark spots.)


The customization from the consultation is a real winner. It makes the skincare line more than just the usual run of the mill or generic skin care product that applies to everyone.


In addition to the specific products provided in each of the four lines, the doctors also affirmed that it took years for them to formulate the products and make it compatible with each other. An individual can even use two skin care lines simultaneously if their unique skin situation requires it.


Following a keynote by VP for Marketing Joseph Feliciano, they introduced their products in the very interesting backdrop of skin care. They discussed skin care tips for every age, from the naturally beautiful people in their twenties to the anti-aging assistance needed in the forties and fifties.  Interestingly, their manufacturing plants in Tarlac and other provinces harness the output of local talents for the organic components or raw materials of the products. Patronizing the products also means supporting these environmentally sustainable practices from locally grown materials by farmers.


Bioessence has adapted its excellent skin care service and taken things to the next level by bringing the lowdown of skin care in the comforts of everyone’s home. The complete work of services during Bioessence wellness center visits and the follow-through of using the products from Acnetrol, Biolite, Preventage, and Dermage clearly makes everyday beauty easily within reach.




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