Bing Loyzaga Shares the Secret to Losing 30lbs Under 5 Months

Many are familiar to the struggle of weight loss and Bing Loyzaga is no exception. The pressure of being in the entertainment industry got to her and in her late 30sshe had liposuction done on her arms and legs. It got the job done, but the cuts and bruises the procedure left her with made her regret the decision. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years after, which slows down the metabolism and leads to weight gain.

Bing Loyzaga shares her secrets to losing 30lbs!

With the weight gain, Bing lost a show she already got. “I never thought my weight would be such a hindrance to my work. I tried to lose the weight on my own, but unfortunately, they weren’t satisfied. They told me that they believe I can look better. So they asked me to step out of the show.”

Now at 45, Bing says she found a new sense of confidence. Bing promised herself and her kids that she will never go under the knife again or do anything that is very risky.

Bing Loyzaga shares her secrets to losing 30lbs!

Bing found out about Marie France and she was actually the one who reached out to them. A few meetings and assessments later, she’s now a part of the Marie France family who took care of her and helped her through this life changing weight loss. For 5 months, Bing has lost 30lbs. Her go-to treatment is the FMS Elite but her favorite is Marie France’s newest offering called the TMP or the Thermo Magnetic Pulse.

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We met Bing personally and she shared her journey to getting where she is now. Aside from Marie France’s non-invasive treatments, Bing is also helped by a nutritionist. We were actually surprised to know that she had to eat more in order to lose weight. With a help of a nutritionist, Bing followed a proper meal plan which is very good as she wanted to live a healthier lifestyle.

Bing Loyzaga shares her secrets to losing 30lbs!

Bing shares: “I feel new. I’ve found a new sense of confidence. At the age of 45, I’m not a spring chicken anymore! But I’ve lost so much weight without going under the knife, without starving myself, and without exercising like crazy, so I know I’m really doing myself a favor by going to Marie France.”

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