Bianca Gonzalez Criticizes Netizen’s Post Justifying Decisions of a Partner Who Cheats

Bianca Gonzalez couldn’t help but air out her thoughts when she stumbled on a post she found circulating online that seemingly justified the actions of a person who cheats.

Sharing a screenshot of the Instagram Story shared by a netizen, Bianca didn’t hold back when she began with: “This mentality makes me sick.”

The post in question basically said that the fault lies in the person being cheated on for “lacking something,” thus causing their partner to cheat on them.

“[I don’t know] who needs to hear this but if your boyfriend cheats on you, you need to understand that you lacked something that made him cheat. Instead of leaving him, find out what you’re lacking and apologize to him and be a better girlfriend. A good loyal woman stays and supports her unfaithful man in difficult times,” it read.

Bianca expressed her disdain for people who think this way and urged them to change their mindset.

“Every partner has their share of shortcomings but to use it to justify cheating is sickening,” she added in her tweet. “To the boys who think like this, please, BE BETTER.”

This Instagram screenshot went viral after the controversial news that Jayzam Manabat of the popular JaMill love team allegedly cheated on his girlfriend Camille Trinidad with multiple women.

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