BGC Eats: The Ultimate Food Trip

When in Manila, eating out is taken very seriously. Wether it’s a special occasion or just another Sunday, Filipinos find a kind of sacredness in eating out as a way to connect with family and friends. Its an activity you never pass up, and one we’re always looking to change up. Enter BGC Eats, perhaps the most exciting way to combine exploration, family time and just plain good eats. Each Saturday of July, you hop on a bus to sample the best that BGC has to offer, picking up bits and pieces of trivia on the way. No tour is the same, and each spot had it’s own charm. From hidden bars to the most popular hangouts, we tried them all, and all in one afternoon! Curated  and toured by the always witty food writer JJ Yulo, it’s a dining experience we won’t soon forget.

100 Miles

100 Miles Cafe is carbo loading at its finest. 

Accompanied with nothing but JJ’s enthusiasm and empty stomachs, we boarded the BGC Hop On Hop Off Bus to our first stop of the day–100 Miles Cafe at the second floor in the Fort Strip area. Inspired by the Filipino running revolution, the small cafe is full of memorabilia of the country’s most grueling runs, including the Bataan Death March Marathon (100 miles long!). The food was all about carbo loading, and we chowed down on a tuna melt sandwich and a delicious seafood aliolio pasta. We felt ready to run a marathon with the amount of carbs we just ate, and we had to remind ourselves that it was only our first stop. 

PremioLambanog, sausages, bacon and brookies? More please!

 We loaded the bus again and made our way to a place that JJ claimed to be one of the best “hidden” spots of BGC. Tucked away in the basement of the F1 Hotel, we met up with Chef Chesca Carino and her restaurant, Premio. Inspired by the flavors of Filipino food, Chesca created a menu where everything was made from scratch, preserving the distinct flavors that makes Filipino food so delicious. After we sampled a few shots of their Dried Plum and Apricot Lambanog (sold in jars, and the perfect TGIF drink!) and sipped on their perfectly brewed iced tea, the food tourists sampled Premio’s best selling sausages (we loved the Kelbasa!) and other treats. We recommend the Double Smoked Bacon. You will never look at bacon the same way again after that smoky, savory treat. We reluctantly left Premio with small packages of Brookies (a cross between a brownie and a cookie) and a homemade marshmallow, apparently Anne Curtis’ favorite.  

Can you believe we had two more stops to go?


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