Beyond the Crown: 10 Inspiring Filipina Beauty Queens

What makes an inspiring beauty queen? She walks in beauty.

Does her attractiveness radiate from her winning smile, svelte figure, sultry voice, or poised projection? If true beauty were based solely on physical attributes, then that kind of allure cannot truly inspire. Beauty is the opposite of perfection. It’s about confidence, charisma, and character.

To learn more about what true beauty there is in our long roster of Filipina beauty queens, here are a few regal women and what makes them a true vision of loveliness and inspiration.

Inspiring beauty queens_Pia Wurtzbach


10. One Giant Leap: Gloria Diaz (Miss Universe Winner, 1969)

Inspiring beauty queens_Gloria Diazvia

When the US sent a man to the moon, the Philippines sent then 19-year old Gloria Diaz to the Miss Universe 1969 pageant. She exuded grace and poise like any beauty queen would but many feel that her winning attributes were her charm and wit. When she was asked in a preliminary Q&A round, “Is it true that you Filipinos use your hands to eat?” She then replies, “Why, do you use your feet?”

In the final Q&A, Ms. Diaz was asked, ”If a man from the moon landed in your hometown, what would you do to entertain him?” Her answer was simple. “Oh! Uh, just the same things I do. I think if he has been on the moon for so long, I think when he comes over he wants to change, I guess.” No need for flowery answers to charm the world.

Ms. Diaz currently maintains a simple lifestyle, but her performance will always be remembered by many through the words of then President Nixon, “America may have conquered the moon, but the Philippines conquered the Universe.”


9. The Most Precious Thing: Precious Lara Quigaman (Miss International, 2005)

Inspiring beauty queens_Lara Quigamanvia Pinoy Stop

This former beauty queen’s response to a question about typecasting Filipinos as “nannies” and caregivers is said to be the greatest display of Filipino pride in beauty pageant history. Because the answer was simply perfect and I’d like our dear readers to revisit this beautiful display of Filipino pride, here’s Lara’s complete response:

“I take no offense on being typecasted as a nanny. But I do take offense that the educated people of the world have somehow denigrated the true sense and meaning of what a nanny is. Let me tell you what she is. She is someone who gives more than she takes. She is someone you trust to look after the very people most precious to you – your child, the elderly, yourself. She is the one who has made a living out of caring and loving other people. So to those who have typecasted us as nannies, thank you. It is a testament to the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people. And for that, I am forever proud and grateful of my roots and culture.”

It seems the world has forgotten that one of the most precious things in life is caring for our loved ones. Something not lost on Lara (and on Filipino caregivers) when she confidently replied with this. Lara has since won a few awards and recognitions: People of the Year 2005 (People Asia Magazine) and Presidential Order of Lakandula Champion for Life (Alongside Manny Pacquiao given by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo).


8. Musical muse: Krista Kleiner (Miss Philippines, 2010)

Inspiring beauty queens_Krista Kleinvia Rain de Ocampo

Entertainer, and entrepreneur Krista Kleiner or Krista K, winner of the Miss Philippines pageant in 2010, may be better known and more familiar to most because of her music. Before entering pageantry, she was a TV personality hosting, acting, and performing on a number of primetime television shows.

Krista has collaborated and was mentored by world-renowned international balladeer Julio Iglesias, and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas. Truly a self-made woman who likes to take matters into her own hands, she self-produced her debut album entitled “Feels So Good”. She then pitched her her music to major labels and successfully convinced them to sign distribution deals for her project (Universal Records in the Philippines and Warner Music Group in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei).

Krista is currently performing at a number of international music festivals, creating her own music, and making it out on her own in America’s entertainment capital—Los Angeles, California.


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