Best iPhone Apps for Bloggers


Best iPhone apps for bloggers


Best iPhone apps for bloggers



The last few years have stood witness to the sudden popularity of blogging throughout the world. Blogging or the activity to write in the blogs has brought a new dimension in the daily lives. For some, it is just fun writing one’s heart out, while to others it is a day job alternative. In the present world, it is not impossible to be billionaires with the influence of the blogging over the net. The evolution however, did not just get stuck there; it moved on evolving the medium of connectivity. Today’s bloggers are no more just confined from a personal computer. The mobile phone is sufficient to meet the need of online blogging. The advent of cool iPhone apps hereby make it even more interesting and exciting to blog from the iPhone.



Creativity leads productivity


A creative mind often seeks a space to utilize its abilities. Blogging is one such useful activity where one can possibly express the creativity and attain recognition. Besides, for those who hardly find a proper way to earn over the net, blogging can be the possible solution. Here comes the necessity of proper apps or applications. The following describes briefly how the iPhone applications are useful in blog writing.



WordPress for iPhone


Those who already possess the knowledge and experience in blogging are quite familiar to WordPress. However, this platform is easily accessible and designed for user’s blogging from personal computers. The WordPress app for iPhone fulfils the requirement for writing, editing and even in comment approvals in WordPress. Thus the WordPress iPhone app is indispensable for those using this smart apple product. This app makes it possible to publish new content posts easily and instantly right from the iPhone.



Adobe photoshop express


Graphic designers and users dealing with visual blog content developing require Adobe Photoshop the most. The software, ever since its existence, seems to be the best in the arena of image editing and developing. Till date the image editors and designers were just confined to the desktop version of this awesome software.


However, with the advent of Adobe Photoshop Express app on the iPhone, image editing for blogs is a lot more easy and convenient on the go. Now any image can be a masterpiece with just a few touches on the iPhone. The array of useful tools and effects make this iPhone app just as useful as its desktop version.





Social networking on Twitter is now more exciting with the new Twitterific app designed for iPhone. This powerful smart application enables viewing and posting tweets directly from the iPhone. Twitterific makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family even when a computer is hard to find.





A blog is incomplete without a proper logo and a header. Storyz is a useful iPhone app which helps creating awesome logos and inserts a proper header image for blog content easily from the iPhone. There is hardly any designing skill required to design logos and some header images in Storyz app.



The above are just a few among the infinite iPhone applications which can really be useful for the bloggers. So why just stay on from the computer when a smart phone with loads of smart blogging apps is right inside the pocket? Blogging is thus indeed smart, convenient and a lot fun using the iPhone blogging apps.




Best iPhone apps for bloggers



Best iPhone apps for bloggers

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