Best Cakes in Manila at Karen’s Kitchen

When In Manila and celebrating a birthday, or maybe just in the mood for pastry, then head on over to Karen’s Kitchen because they’ve got the best cakes in town!


I used to love those kiddie cakes filled with icing and decorative figurines when I was young. However, as I slowly grew up, finding a good cake was difficult for me. You see, I’m not much of a cake lover. I just want to go back to my kiddie cakes! Hence, finding a cake I’d actually like doesn’t happen that often, which is why I was so happy to find Karen’s Kitchen in the corner of Makati!



Rumor is… Karen’s Kitchen has the best red velvet cupcakes in Manila. I first got to try these at a friend’s birthday party and all I can say is, the rumors are true! That was DEFINITELY the best red velvet cupcake I ever tasted! The white chocolate coat was perfect!


Best Cakes in Manila 11 thumb

 Delicious red velvet cake


The story doesn’t end there of course! I needed more! So I quickly scheduled a trip to Karen’s Kitchen to find out what more they had to offer, and I was loving every mouthful of it!


Zucchini Cake

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When I first tried eating a carrot cake when I was young, I remember how surprised I was that it actually tasted good. I had the same reaction for the Zucchini cake! I never imagined that a zucchini would actually taste good as pastry! Zucchini? Seriously? But Karen’s Kitchen definitely knows how to tickle our taste buds!


The cream cheese placed all over the cake made it super yummy. The taste had an attitude beyond the usual sweet. The Zucchini cake would also be the perfect match with a cup of chai latte.

  • 3” round = P150
  • 6” round = P600
  • 8” round = P880



Molten Peanut Butter Cake

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You could taste the peanut butter in every bite but it isn’t too strong that it overpowers the cake. It had just the right amount to keep the flavor. I also found it to be moist on the inside which made it even better. It wasn’t too sweet either and would go perfectly with coffee!  

  • 2” round = P50


Nutella Ganache Cake

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For those who want a little crunch in their bite, this is the perfect treat for you! The Nutella Ganache cake (beside having nutella in it) had small bits of chocolates and rise crisp!  It wasn’t too sweet either but was filled with all that “nutella goodness.” Nutella addicts definitely need to try this out!



Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake

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The Reese Cheesecake was moist with rich chocolate flavor! …and yes, it does contain bits and piece from our favorite Reese. My friend Hannah tried it out and said it was very addicting!

  • 2” round = P105