Benefit x Solique: Perfect for Soft Holiday Glam Nails

Christmas is right around the corner and if you’re looking for ways to glam up your nails for the holiday season, Benefit Cosmetics PH has got you covered!

Amidst the celebration of their 3rd anniversary held at their Megamall branch last month, they released their nail polish collaboration with Girl Stuff Forever’s sub-brand Solique along with their new limited-edition holiday boxed sets filled with goodies that will satisfy any makeup junkie’s heart.

The limited edition nail polish collaboration is called BenefitXSolique, and features four unique shades in different hues of pink that are perfect for soft holiday glam nails.

According to Girl Stuff Forever’s Instagram posts, Whimsy is a “naked pink shade”, Dream is a “classy and quiet soft pink shade”, Charmed is an “ultra-delicate pastel-tinted nude”, while Twinkle is a “perfect blend of nude, delicate glitters with soft pink and gold tones, infused with a sprinkle of low key silver” which can be used either on its own or as a manicure accent.

The collection can be purchased individually for Php250 per shade, or at Php450 for a duo set that contains one shade and a top coat gel, or at Php1300 for a 6-in-1 gift set that contains all 4 shades plus a base and top coat.

During the event, I got my brows and nails done for free. It was quite an experience since it was the first time that I got my nails done. I never really liked nail polish and it’s probably because I wasn’t exposed to it as I was growing up but for this one, I made an exception.

I chose the shade Whimsy since it’s the most natural looking out of all four shades. At first, I was anxious that I might not like it but I actually did! It’s in a really nice nude pink shade that’s perfect for those who want natural looking nail polish. It’s also a shade that I would recommend to first-timers like me who aren’t really into nail polish. I’m not sure if I’ll start wearing nail polish after this; but if I do, Whimsy would definitely be my go-to shade.

Benefit’s 3rd anniversary event was indeed an experience to remember and I’ll be sure to add their boxed sets to my holiday wishlist! If you can’t wait ‘til Christmas to get your hands on one, if not all, then you can visit any Benefit branch near you and get one for yourself or purchase through their partner websites (Sephora, Zalora, and BeautyMNL) since they’re already available in-store and online. Happy shopping, Benebabes!


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