Belle de Jour Has a Ton of 2019 Planners for You to Choose From

Who hasn’t heard of the Belle de Jour planners? Belle de Jour has been creating planners for years now filled with helpful must-haves and fun coupons for you to enjoy stuff around the Metro. Since their beginnings, though, they have expanded their line of planners and this 2019, they’ve got a plethora of choices for everyone to choose from, depending on what suits their lifestyle.

All of their products have one thing in common, though: they aim to help people to try, to dare, to succeed, to experience, and to live. Check out the lineup for 2019:

Belle de Jour Power Planner

for every woman

Going by the theme of magic, the Belle de Jour Power Planner takes you on a whimsical journey. It comes with 12 monthly dividers with worksheets about lifestyle, fashion, career, and finance to help you discover your own magic, and identify your mood, strengths, priorities, and goals. The planner also features an expandable pocket sleeve at the back for receipts, cards and bills safekeeping.

The 2019 BDJ Power Planner comes in different styles: the classic cover (Php 598), limited edition (Php598), leather (Php680), discbound (Php980) – all of which cater to every Bella’s distinct taste and needs.

It also comes with a magnetic bookmark and a Bella coupon booklet that offers Php40,000 worth of treats and discounts to
make your days magical all year round. Read more about the planner here.

Navi Journal (Php598)

for the travelers

This year, the Navi Journal challenges explorers to do more than just sightseeing during their travels. It encourages you to immerse yourself in each county’s culture and traditions alongside its people through festivals. The Navi Journal has illustrations of 12 widely celebrated festivals from different parts of the world on its monthly dividers and special pages such as 101 Checklist, Bucket List, Must-see Destinations, Pre-trip Checklist and Packing List, so you can visualize your travel goals and carefully map out your next adventure with ease.

What’s more, Navi also has an expandable back pocket that lets you store your travel essentials like tickets, cards, cash and postcards. Plus, you’ll get over Php25,000 worth of discount coupons from partner brands in the Travel Curious coupon booklet.

Everything is Possible (Php598)

for the goal-oriented

The Everything is Possible Planner hopes to empower its users to be intentional, to move towards goals knowing that the universe will allow all the success you desire. It has 176 full-colored pages, a matte-laminated hard cover, and an expandable back pocket for receipts and cards safekeeping.

Aside from its striking cover, this planner contains monthly dividers with motivational quotes and weekly mantras to encourage you to stay focused all year round.

Focus Journal (Php498)

for those who need help focusing

With all the noise around, finding peace and focus can be a challenge. The 2019 Focus Journal is designed to help users look past the noise, and find clarity and calm. Featuring 176 full colored pages bound in a matte laminated hardcover, the Focus Journal allows you to surrender your thoughts and worries on paper and align to your spirit’s purpose and desires.

The Focus Journal has 12 monthly dividers filled with power words and suggested activities to help you handle your thoughts with ease, as well as special activity pages such as Monthly Check-up and Year-End Reflections, so you can mindfully evaluate accomplishments and learnings, and to maintain focus for the course of the year.

Essentials Planner (Php380)

for the minimalist

The Essentials Planner comes in two sleek cover designs – Classic and Pattern – both with gold foil stamping. Presented in a minimalist cover, the planner contains 144 pages with dotted weekly pages ideal for bullet journaling, as well as creative journaling.

Whether you’re a first-time planner user or not, the Essentials Planner can be your planner of choice this 2019.

Quest Journal (Php280 – Php480)

for the creatives

The Quest Journal Travel is a classic. Its versatility and beautiful cover make it a perfect companion for almost anybody. Consider it a blank canvas that will allow you to have your planner or journal your way. It contains two elastics for refillable and interchangeable notebooks as well as a vinyl zippered pouch with small pockets for cards, photos, receipts and random documents. An elastic cord holds everything in place.

The Quest Journal comes in three different sizes and a bunch of different colors, so all you have to do is choose which one you like best. Of course, there are fillers available at 70 – 100 pesos, as well.

Gameplan (Php180)

for the beginners

This handy undated planner comes in four covers with inspirational quotes—Conquer, Fearless, Go and Sparkle—so you’re always on top of your game. Each one is good to use for three months. It provides plenty of dotted space ideal for bullet journaling, as well as timestamps for planning your days in an hourly manner.

If you’ve never had a planner before or don’t know if you can commit to writing in one on a regular basis, Gameplan is perfect for you.

Essentials Notebook (Php240)

The Essentials Notebook comes in three types: a black cover with blank inside pages, a kraft cover with dotted inside pages and a gray cover with grid inside pages.

The Essentials Notebooks give you liberty in journaling.

Schema Notebook (Php200)

The Schema notebook is designed to be simple and handy, and comes in either blank or dotted pages.

Its perforated pages allow you to tear sheets you are done with, so you keep only the notes you need.

Aside from the planners, they also have the Forget-Me-Not Notepads (Php168), Calendar Pad (Php250), Black Folio (Php580), BDJ Clear Stamps (Php320), BDJ Stickers (Php50), and customization services, so you can customize your planners with your name or favorite words. Check out their products at their website below!

Belle de Jour

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