Being a Member at Canyon Woods is Worth Every Penny (and Photo!)

Being a part of a membership is undeniably gratifying. It’s not even about being an elitist, but the feeling of exclusivity gives a much deeper appreciation because not everybody has the same access. That being said, though, it also comes at much a higher price.

There are numerous resorts in the Philippines that offer membership access. As stated, they can be costly, but one resort in Tagaytay wants you to forget about the price. At Canyon Cove, their offer is so worth it, you’ll feel like you’ve gained more than you spent.

Canyon Cove is an exclusive residential resort that focuses on wellness and nature. Located near the breathtaking Taal Volcano, the place offers an astonishing view that complements the canopy of pine trees and the cool atmosphere. It’s truly a place to relax. Their wooden architectural designs just give off warm, cozy, and homey vibes. To add to that, they have various facilities that promote health and wellness, which most families will surely enjoy.

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Now, you might be wondering how all that sounds like value for money. I took my time in understanding their membership benefits and tried to see if the application is really worth it. Needless to say, it is!

The membership costs Php33,600 net and comes with the following benefits:

Two (2) complimentary accommodations at The Peak
One (1) complimentary accommodation at Canyon Cove
One (1) complimentary accommodation at Canyon de Boracay
Two (2) 50% off voucher at The Peak
Two (2) 50% off voucher at Canyon de Boracay
Two (2) 50% off voucher at Canyon Cove
One (1) free upgrade to Suite Room at The Peak
Two (2) PHP 1000 off voucher at The Peak
Two (2) PHP 1000 cash certificate for dine in payment
Ten (10) R&R Certificate for Sports and Spa Facilities for your guests
Free Entry and Use of Sports and Spa Facilities for members anytime

All put together, this would normally cost Php50,100. That’s a total of Php16,500 saved excluding the probable worth of the facilities you’ll be using anytime. Yes, as a member, you can make use of what they have as much as you want.

So you can get a better idea of what to expect from Canyon Woods, here are some photos we took during our recent visit. The facilities are all okay, but it’s hella picture-worthy! The pine trees, the fog in the morning, the Western-style cabins—practically everything involves beautiful nature aesthetics. Check it out:

Canyon Woods has their own sports pavilion. It has courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and tennis.

This area is so aesthetically-pleasing, you’ll definitely want to take a picture on the tennis court (and, of course, play and get fit, too!).

Spirituality is one of the pillars of healthy wellbeing, and Canyon Woods supports those who want to dedicate some time to the Lord, too. Since their church holds a mass every Friday, you won’t need to go to the town proper just to attend one.

They also organize events every now and then, like the recent Oktoberfest. In celebration of this fun-filled event, they invited members to join them in munching on scrumptious feasts, listening to good music (South Border was there!), and, let’s not forget, merrily drinking ice-cold beers. This event was held at their outside pool area as their decor lit up majestically.

Into golf? Canyon Woods also has a mini golf course. While its location might look too far to walk to, being a member entitles you to a free shuttle whenever you’re at the resort!

Like most resorts, they also have a clubhouse where people can chill at the lobby and appreciate the wonderful view of Tagaytay. This building is actually their main attraction as it holds a lot of different facilities, including a pool, a jacuzzi, a spa, and a game room.

This is their dining hall, where you can enjoy a breakfast buffet or order a la carte. My verdict for their restaurant? Overall, they serve nice comfort food to eat in the cold weather and their Leche Flan is hands-down the best!

Located on the first floor of the clubhouse is their indoor pool (the outside pool is in the Sports Pavilion). It isn’t that deep, so children can enjoy doing laps here, as well. There are tables on the side, so you can supervise them. Plus, there are always staff members around to make sure everyone is safe and enjoying themselves.

The jacuzzi is probably my favorite. It’s just beside the indoor pool, so it’s very convenient. The jacuzzi is warm enough to open the pores in your body, which releases deeply-rooted toxins and lets your blood flow circulate better. This will give you a relaxing and cleansing experience overall. This hydro-therapy is actually very beneficial in a lot of ways, so make sure you take a dip for at least 10 minutes.

They also have a game room in the basement with numerous stations to choose from: the playground, the ping pong area, the billiard area, the Wii area, the Foosball area, and the viewing area for movie screenings – definitely a great entertainment hub after eating/exercising/etc.

Looks promising, doesn’t it? Just imagine going there anytime you want and having access to all of these facilities – definitely worth it! The accommodations are good for 2 adults and 2 kids, by the way, but you can also bring up to 6 guests with you; more than that and they will be charged extra per extra head.

If that didn’t convince you enough, give Canyon Woods a call and find out more about their deals. It’s a good place to invest your money in, especially now that the Christmas break is near and most people are looking for a rest house to stay in. Advanced Happy Christmas break to you and enjoy the beauty of Canyon Woods.-

Canyon Woods

Diokno Highway, Brgy. San Gregorio, Laurel Batangas, Laurel

(02) 521 7878




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