Begpackers Will Now Be Stopped And Sent To Their Respective Embassies

“Begpackers” refers to a phenomenon where backpackers visit foreign countries and beg on the streets to fund their travels. It has become a particular problem in Asia where incidents like using babies for street performances have become viral. In Indonesia, Bali’s immigration has deemed the problem so prominent that they have decided to take action against it. 


Image from Twitter

Setyo Budiwardoyo, an official from Ngurah Rai’s Immigration Office, explained that Bali officials would now be reporting and taking these ‘begpackers’ to their respective embassies: “Foreign citizens who run out of money or are pretending to be beggars, we will send them to their respective embassies.”

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He rationalized: 

We have seen many cases of problematic tourists, lately they are either Australian, British or Russian. We tend to report these cases to the relevant embassies, so they can oversee their citizens who are on holiday here.

In the past, Indonesia even used to extend help to these foreign tourists who were seemingly impoverished. They would provide these tourists with food and accommodation but are now beginning to doubt their need. Setyo continues: 

If we are to discuss budget matters, I’d rather not give food for people who are pretending. We tend to contact their embassies instead, and ask them to provide their citizens with assistance.

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It is supposedly the norm now in Bali to see these foreign tourists going around and begging for money from locals. Some have even become scavengers and take to eating leftovers from the trash. 

Do you think other countries should do something like this?