Becoming a Modern Tony Stark

Article by Neil John Vildad

Tony Stark was first introduced to the big screen in the Iron Man movie released in 2008. Since then, he has swept women off of their feet with his charisma and wit, and has been the bane of men because of his swag and finesse in every film installment of the Iron Man series. This April, Tony Stark will once again showcase his appeal in the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Infinity War.

spectre 10If you’ve always envied Tony Stark’s wardrobe, tech, and overall vibe; you can finally become Tony Stark (or at least become a close approximate, because let’s face it, no one can beat Tony Stark).

Spectre Manila is the one-stop shop for you to be like Tony Stark. This quaint community center contains all you need to embody your dream Stark vibes: a haberdashery, a barbershop, and a bar.

spectre 18

Spectre Manila sells suits that are tailor-fit for you to get that Stark wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

They have jackets and matching pants, shirts, shoes, and accessories to complete your outfit.

Spectre 22

While waiting for your custom outfit, you can get a haircut in the barbershop inside the shop, too. Complete with manicure-pedicure services and specialized haircut techniques, you will surely feel like a billionaire sitting on that barber’s chair.

Spectre 281

After a long day of fittings and haircuts, you might want to head to their bar and have a drink fixed for you á la Tony Stark. They sell different cocktails, alcohols, and mixed drinks that you can adjust to your liking.

spectre 7

Of course, Tony Stark wouldn’t be complete without his tech and gear. Even then, Spectre Manila has got you covered.

You can find cool “gadgets” here that you can’t find anywhere else – like the Bellroy, a cardholder where you can put all your essentials, or the Orbitkey, a more compact keyholder that is both sleek and functional.

So head on over to Spectre Manila before heading to the movies to catch Infinity War!

Spectre Manila

916 Luna Mencias, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong

725 – 3066


Instagram: @spectremnl