Be the star of your own K-drama with these authentic Korean clothes!

Ever wanted to be the leading lady of a Korean drama, find the most handsome oppa, and fall in love? While we can’t guarantee your story will be a love story, you can at least look the part with these super cute Korean clothes from Zalora’s K-fashion section!

Whether it’s the drapey tops, the layered style, or the sophisticated silhouettes, we can’t deny K-fashion is adorable. So maybe, just maybe, you can snag the story of your dreams with these trendy pieces.

9. For the lady boss leading lady: A work-friendly white ruffle dress

White dress Korean

If you want to look like you’re in charge, this is the dress for you. Imagine the story is you’re the female CEO of a company falling in love with someone you can’t be with–maybe a rival company’s CEO. This is the perfect dress to bump into them as you both canter to work urgently and your eyes meet for the first time. How romantic! And how suspenseful!

Check out the dress here.

8. For the leading lady who loves events and graphic lines: A black and white button-up midi dress 

Black and white dress

Maybe you’re more of a semi-formal lady, into parties and socializing. This is the one for you. Maybe you accidentally leave your phone behind and the love of your life chases after you in the street, lit by streetlamps, as he runs after you and calls for you. “Hey!” He says, unsure of your name, and you turn slowly, this dress billowing around you as he hands you the phone and you’re surprised. You introduce yourselves and sparks fly. It’s perfect.

Check out the dress here.

7. For the laid-back leading lady: An easy, white off-shoulder blouse with see-through panels

White off shoulder blouse

Some days, you just need to dress down and relax. So maybe that’s your style. This easy, breezy, beautiful white top is perfect for you. Maybe you’ll bump into the love of your life when you’re taking a walk in the park or just making a quick stop to the corner store and you both grab the last tteokbokki pack. Your hands touch for a moment, the music swells, and you both awkwardly let the other take it. Eventually, they let you take it home and your sleeves flounce in the air conditioning as you smile to yourself.

Check out the top here.

6. For the sophisticated leading lady: A flattering striped dress

White and black stripes

Busy businesswoman? Woman who takes charge of her career? Need something that’s work-appropriate but once you shrug off that blazer, you’re ready for some drinks? This is the dress for you. Imagine you just left the office and you’re trying to find your friends at the place you decided to meet up. You’re angrily punching in a message to them on your phone asking where in the world they are when you bump into the most handsome man you’ve ever met. That’s it. Bam.

Check out the dress here.

5. For the bold leading lady: A patterned fit-and-flare white dress

white striped dress

If you want something a little more fun and flirty, this might be the dress for you. It’s got the fit and flare shape but with very modern lines to it. You’re a bold, confident lady with a feminine edge. Possibly on a blind date where you wanted to express yourself and still look good doing it. The two of you hit it off right away and the way the light of the street lamps shine on your dress as he walks you home is just so romantic. You go, girl.

Check out the dress here.

4. For the confident leading lady: A patterned bodycon dress

white floral dress

Something more fitted and chic, this will make you look like a mystery woman on vacation. It’s stylish, the pattern isn’t old-fashioned, and you’ll look fantastic in it. Shrouded in intrigue, you’ll be the woman at the resort that everyone is curious about. Until one forward gentleman finally approaches. Is it love at first sight? Will he be able to unravel your mystery? Who knows?

Check out the dress here.

3. For the leading lady who’s one step ahead of the trends: A cold shoulder coat dress

gray cold shoulder

I call this dress “detective chic.” It’s got the feel of a coat (even a detective coat) but the contemporary edge of the cold shoulder cut-outs. It’s very current with a classical feel and shape. The story could be more noir, more edgy in terms of drama–a detective and a police officer on a case together. You and he have just been assigned together and the more you uncover about the case, the more you uncover about each other. It’s full of intrigue and romance and you’re sure to fall for him.

Check out the dress here.

2. For the sweet leading lady: A simple floral dress

floral pink dress

Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to go. A t-shirt dress is a classic, something that will never go out of style, and this one is elevated by its dainty print. In this, you could meet your true love anywhere, but I picture it in a library as you’re running errands. He’s the clerk that you line up for and you make small talk about the book you choose and are impressed by his great knowledge of them. You smile as you take your books and promise yourself to come back again just as he says he hopes to see you again soon. Swoon.

Check out the dress here.

1. For the very feminine leading lady: A pink dress with lace and bow detail

pink lace dress

Flirty, feminine, and fun, this pink lace dress (with that super cute ribbon! We’re obsessed!) is everything. Parties, work, a walk in the park, it’s good for anything. But we imagine you’re going out in this dress, flaunting what you’ve got, dressed to the nines, and you chat someone up at the place while you’re both waiting for your drinks. It’s easy to feel confident in this dress and he can sense it, too. Go for it, girl!

Check out the dress here.

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