Be practical and gift your crushie with the most vital of foods for us Filipinos: Rice!

February, the month of love! Many people love it, even more people detest it, but it’s hard to deny that when the season of hearts comes rolling around, the festivities cannot be ignored. Giant hearts on billboards, your favorite fast food chains releasing cheesy commercials, and ballad after ballad about finding or losing love on the radio, this month makes itself known.

While we usually think of flowers or chocolates as our ideal gifts to give or receive on Valentine’s Day, some of us can get a little more crafty and practical! This person decided that, instead of being flashy with flowers, he would give his significant other something far more practical: Rice!

It’s a smart move, funny even, and it makes the gesture all the more precious and personal. And we love rice. Not bad at all. Check out the post below!


What are you giving or hoping to get this Valentine’s? Let us know!