Be Happy Hungry! Book Review: Yes, You Can Choose To Be Happy!

A few weeks ago, I just received the opportunity to come across and read the book Be Happy Hungry, written by Edwin S. Soriano, an NLP Life Coach and Executive Coach at the helm of Winning Coaching, a group of life coaches practicing Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I was already initially familiar with his work, having attended the Be Happy-Hungry: Happy With Who You Are, Hungry For Who You Can Be Through Life Coaching seminar last year, and I learned so many valuable things — everyone has something to work on and everyone wants change in their lives, whether they’re aware of it or not. It was such an inspiring and eye-opening seminar that opened me to the world of life coaching and how they’re able to help people through different walks of life in different aspects of their lives — be it about family, career, finances, friendships and love, and so much more! I saw firsthand how these people have changed in their outlook and how at peace they were after going through life coaching.

Be Happy Hungry

Coach EdWIN brings the same experience to a much wider audience through his new book, Be Happy Hungry! 12 Keys To Being Happy For Who You Are, Hungry For Who You Could Be. The title alone is pretty straightforward — Coach EdWIN shows you the 12 Keys to being in a state of what he calls “Happy-Hungry” — that state where you can move on from your past and choose to be happy right now, and be ready for the many possibilities ahead.

It’s a book on life, a self-help book, and a healing book of sorts: through real-life stories, inspiring lessons, and tools on how to take action right now, you can navigate through your own life, reflect on your state, and unlock your own happiness and be the best person you can be.

Ultimately, it’s a book on healing — on picking yourself up after a fall, and choosing to be happy RIGHT NOW, and be restless for the possibilities ahead.

Be Happy Hungry Book Launch

What I loved about Coach EdWIN’s book Be Happy Hungry is that it was a book for everyone.  Whether you’re trying to move on from heartbreak in your life, getting over a fear, wanting to improve relationships or just plain feel that you want something in your life to change, this is the book for you. The way it was written was engaging and easy to understand, even for those who claim not to like reading books. The moment I picked it up, it was hard to put it down, as you anticipate the nuggets of wisdom that come at every turn of the page.

Listen to more on the book from the author himself:

It really feels like you’re going on a retreat, and the book is there to guide you, to be your companion and you emerge inspired and renewed.

Every chapter of the book was meaningful and had insightful lessons to impart, but what stuck with me most was: “Grace”. In the book, Coach EdWIN reminisces a conversation with his mother who defined “grace” as being at the mercy of God “even when you feel like you don’t deserve it”. It’s that kind of positivity and optimism anyone can benefit from.

I encourage picking up this book, and when you do, pick up multiple copies — one for yourself and the rest to give to your loved ones. Everyone has something to work on, and the road to happiness starts here.

Be Happy Hungry is available at Fully Booked High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. You can also purchase the E-book at https://www.behappyhungry.com/.