Batter or Dough Has a Real Passion for High Quality Coffee and Food

“A medium iced coffee with less sugar, please!” are the first words that tumble out of my mouth every weekday morning. After a sip of my caffeine-loaded breakfast drink of choice, I can start to face the day and function as a modern homo sapien. Without deviating from the workforce coffee culture (and zero intention of doing so), I rely on milky vanilla lattes and iced americanos to power on until sundown.

Coffee is an omnipotent beverage incarnated to revitalize its pedantic followers who are as good as dead inside without it. Since it plays such a valuable role in a lot of sleepy morning people’s lives, specialty cafes like Batter or Dough (or BoD) ensure to serve only freshly roasted and less acidic (in terms of tasting sour) pour-over coffee for the everyday coffee consumer.

Whoever prayed “give us this day our daily brew…” in Pasig received their wish threefold when BoD opened in their neighborhood last April 2019. With shiny glass panels enveloping a chocolatey aroma from the caramelized coffee and the sweet scent from just-baked waffles, they’ve been a bright temporary escape for those looking for a moment of downtime and loosened up conversations.

With pure goodness thriving inside, BoD has since then continued to pour not only quality cups of coffee, but also chunky made-to-order sandwiches and gorgeous dessert selections over the blessed giftees. People come for the food and stay for the coffee, quickly making them a favorite staple in the workplace area.

Agenda of the day: coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

Their signature Collective Coffee (Php200) is for the fans who like their coffee black, but aren’t sure which particular kind they prefer. Three different samplers let you experience pour overs from different regions and farms. Honestly, I’m not a well-versed coffee lover, so I appreciated the mini coffee education when their well-trained barista happily chronicled the beans’ basic flavor profiles. This gave us a deeper understanding of the simple and seasonal item.

The selections we tried were from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Columbia. Black coffee drinkers are probably familiar with Brazilian coffee. It’s here, there, and everywhere as Brazil produces coffee more than any other country. In the Philippines, cafes far and wide carry it. BoD served their special “Tektite” blend, specifically made for the locals in Tektite Towers, Ortigas. It was nutty, chocolatey, and not at all bitter. Ethiopian coffee, on the other hand, is fruity with peach notes. It is a bit more acidic than the ones from Brazil, but it isn’t sour. Good quality coffee is never sour or tangy, even when it turns cold. I found Columbian coffee to be the lightest and sweetest of the three with a fruity flavor similar to tropical fruits like mango or pineapple.

For the sweet tooth and milk maids, there are several hot/iced options to get buzzed on, as well.

The Vanilla Bean Iced Coffee (left, Php170) has just the right amount of sweetness in its cold and creamy java. Cortado (right, off the menu, Php160) has a stronger shot of caffeine in a petite cup.

Flat White (Php150) has microfoam with a velvety consistency. Like a small latte, it’s pure magic.

Couple their milky beverages with thick sandwiches with fillings tumbling out as you bite into a power-loaded meal.

For those craving comfort food, their Classic American Grilled Cheese (Php195) is your salvation. It has 100% cheddar and apply chutney on panini-grilled sourdough, and it is more than enough to get you through to your next meal.

How to “avo” healthy day? Try Avo Smash (Php195), one of their toasties served on sourdough bread. It has simple but fresh ingredients: mashed avocado with lemon, a hard-boiled egg, and nine secret Asian spices.

Whipped Butter & Maple Waffles (Php140)

Coffee is always better with a sweet bite to eat. A good, strong cup goes deliciously well with good ol’ own-churned butter and maple since the bitterness of coffee lowers the overbearing sweetness of maple syrup to a more agreeable level. Does anyone else find it satisfying to dunk their sweet bread in hot coffee and suck through its mushy core? It can’t just be me. Waffles and coffee? Yes, please!

Read this article – “Batter or Dough Whips Up Waffles that Wow!” – to learn why their waffles are god-tier.

The weather outside may be getting colder, but it’s never too cold for gelato. One subtle flavor that BoD offers is the Classic Cremee (Php85), premium milk-flavored gelato sprinkled with corn flakes that’ll take you years back to when your mom served you quick cereals while you waited for the schoolbus to arrive. It’s also available in chocolate and affogato.

Mornings should be filled with great coffee and a mouth-watering breakfast for a perfect match made in sensory heaven. Pasig coffee junkies get their coffee and breakfast fix all day from Batter or Dough because their passion for high quality coffee and food transcends to the guests they host. Here, you’ll find your energy levels improved with thoughtfully prepared meals, as well as a quick genuine escape from all the commotion of everyday life – just like your favorite cup of joe.

Good news for coffeeholics who can’t start their day in Pasig: they’re also available on Food Panda, so you can get your daily vanilla bean + toastie combo with ease!

Batter or Dough

Tektite East Tower, Exchange Road, Pasig

Monday to Friday: 6:30AM – 7PM / Saturday: 7AM – 2PM


Instagram: @batterordough


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