Here’s Why Batangas Lakelands Should Be Your Next Beach Destination

The new year is almost here. Have you planned your vacations yet? If you need a quick getaway, consider discovering new adventures in Batangas!

The province of Batangas is known for kapeng barako (brewed coffee), balisong (butterfly knife), embroidery, and its beautiful beaches. It’s also popular as a quick getaway from city life because it’s only 90 minutes away from Manila.

Aside from being accessible, Batangas Lakelands has organized a new kind of tour that will satisfy any weekend getaway with land, sea, and air adventures! Here are the 5 things you can look forward on their one-of-a-kind tour!

5. Lima Park Hotel

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Every adventure should involve a great place to stay – a comfortable home for your stay, if you will. Lima Park is a 4-star hotel that features a relaxing ambiance, big rooms, vibrant flora, and a quaint café that sells Batangas’ famous kapeng barako.

4. A Helicopter Tour

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This tour starts with a bang! An amazing 12-minute experience, this chopper ride will take you from Lima Park Hotel to the vast green hillsides of Batangas and finally around Taal Lake. Experience seeing the beautiful scenes from the top. The sights are even more beautiful than you might imagine!

3. Savory Food

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Lima Park’s flagship restaurant, Plum, offers Pan-Asian cuisine with a beautiful view of a spacious green lawn. Take on a delicious culinary adventure with their Southern Tagalog Food Trip that serves Sinaing na Tulingan and Ensalada Filipina among others.

2. Marian Orchard

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Relax while restoring your faith. The Marian Orchard was built to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. It’s a five-hectare property filled with flowers and beautiful landscapes. There are also different monuments showcasing the story of Jesus Christ.

1. A Gorgeous Sunset

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Sunsets always seal the deal of every beach trip for me. Fortunately, Amore Point is only a few minutes away from Marian Orchard. Here, you can experience cruising on a yacht to a hidden destination called Lakepoint Manakah, where you will find yourself in a secluded area with different water activities to try. They also have some refreshing buko juice and a local specialty called Binalot. This place is a beautiful playground that includes tropical huts, a treehouse, and swings with a view of the lake.

Amazed yet? Head to their website or give them a call to book a slot and fill your life with amazing adventures.

Batangas Lakelands

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