Barefoot La Union: Instagrammable Breakfast Food at 200 Pesos and Below

There’s something about eating breakfast food that’s very comforting. It’s an instant mood-booster that you’re actually up early and on time for it. I know I don’t get to eat breakfast that much; but when I do, it’s always a blissful moment. Serene mornings with the sun gently illuminating your kitchen, the smell of roast coffee enveloping your nose, and even the sight of half-awake people that are yet to pick up their pace to get ready for the day just calls for a nice, hearty starter.
If we share the same sentiments, then you have to try Barefoot La Union. It’s hours away from the Metro, but eating there is on an entirely different level. At LU, mornings are very relaxing. The beach, the breeze, and everything in-between make time slow down. It isn’t just the ambiance that sets this restaurant apart, either; it’s also the quality of the food and the overall experience that made us fall in love with every single aspect of it.
Barefoot La Union 6
Barefoot La Union started out selling sourdough bread. It became a hit among the locals and eventually, the owners decided to branch out.

They wanted to serve something else aside from what they were baking, so they curated a menu that goes well with it. And nothing goes better with bread than breakfast food!

Barefoot La Union 14
Everything on their menu is spot-on. Personally, it’s my favorite restaurant in the entirety of La Union– and that’s saying something because we did a whole food crawl in the area!
Barefoot La Union 15

Morning Beef | P140

Tapa is a classic Filipino breakfast dish. They serve this savory meat with watery (and healthy!) sides such as cucumber, tomato, kangkong, and eggplant; making it a complete meal in itself. Dip in their vinegar.

Barefoot La Union 13

(Top to Bottom) Hummus Love Me | P160 and Shakshouka | P160

Hummus is a personal favorite. It’s the first thing I ate among the others and it did not disappoint. This Mediterranean specialty is as smooth as butter and eating it with their famous sourdough bread is the perfect combo. However, upon tasting the Shakshouka, it quickly dethroned everything else. Imagine a lasagna that’s extremely cheesy and creamy – it’s as heavenly as it sounds. It doesn’t have any meat, but it has eggplants laid out. It’s really good and is actually my favorite in the whole menu.

Barefoot La Union 12

Butter Chicken Masala | P180

If you’re a fan of curry and you’re looking for a little spice, you should order this Butter Chicken Masala. It shares the same consistency and use of spices as curry. Be warned, though! It can get a bit spicy!

Barefoot La Union 10

Happy Plate | P190

As the name suggests, this plate really does bring happiness to its customers. Everything looks vibrant and filling; you won’t help but smile with each bite. Be sure to dip the longganisa in their vinegar, too!

Barefoot La Union 7

Simpleng Sandwich | P180

Are you a sandwich person? You’ll enjoy this. The bread’s crunchy texture complements its insides immaculately. The lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon, and patty will be like a party in your mouth, especially with that exciting crunch.

It may be simple, but its taste is definitely up top.

Barefoot La Union 2

Manong Benny | P160 (Add P40 for Bacon)

Eggs Benedict is a royalty breakfast. This carefully-poached egg with a dash of hollandaise is enough to make anyone swoon.

Add some bacon and brioche on top, and you’ve got yourself a winner. A must-try – hands-down!

Barefoot La Union 1

French Toast | P160

There are people who like savory breakfasts, and there are some who prefer them sweet. If you’re part of the latter, order their French Toast with fruits on top. You can order a savory one (with bacon), too, but who can resist this healthy treat? Not only is it loaded with vitamins, but it’s also a great source of natural sugar to give you energy! And, c’mon, let’s not pretend it won’t look good in your IG feed.
When you eat breakfast this good, it’s bound to be a great day!

Barefoot La Union

Monaliza Surf Resort, San Juan, La Union
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barefootelyu
Instagram: @barefootelyu