Barbara Ruaro calls out camp of Marcus Adoro for demanding her to remove posts of his alleged abuse

Actress Barbara Ruaro has spoken up once again about abuse allegations against her former partner Marcus Adoro.

On a Facebook post on October 17, she said that the camp of Marcus has been demanding her to take down her posts revealing the physical, emotional, and mental damages she has suffered from him.

Marcus Adoro Barbara Ruaro

“Today, I am being asked yet again by Marcus and his camp to remove my posts regarding what transpired last September,” she wrote, sharing screenshots of messages sent to her explaining that her allegations have harmed Marcus’ career and reputation.

Barbara was also told that she was being “vindictive” because of it. “While [you] can do whatever you want, he can’t and he lost his livelihood,” the unnamed person in the screenshots said.

She continued on her post: “This is not the first time I am being convinced that the abuse was my fault, that I should be held accountable for the loss of my abuser’s livelihood, and that I should remove my posts as proof of forgiveness. Forgiving and forgetting should not go hand in hand. Unfortunately, there is no handbook to healing. I am still picking myself up every day, I do what I can to survive the trauma, and that is my personal battle.”

“Please, STOP victim-blaming. Stop protecting the perpetrators. Stop invalidating our pain. Stop manipulating us into believing we deserved the abuse and that we must continue to suffer beyond it. I will not be silenced; not this time. We will not back down,” she added.

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On a separate post on the same day, Barbara said: “Yes, Marcus Adoro abused us – in more ways than one. No, we are no longer together and in contact with each other.”

“Certainly, he is still not in jail,” she added. “And the fight is not over.”

She then thanked all her supporters and believers for “the continuous love and support.”

It was back in September when Barbara shared photos of her cuts and bruises around her body, though she did not name her abuser. Marcus’ daughter, Syd Hartha Chua, also opened up about the abuse she suffered from her father and uploaded screenshots of the threats and derogatory messages he had sent her.

As of writing, Marcus has still not yet released any statement on the issue.

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