BACKJOY: Bringing Back Joy Into Your Lives By Improving Your Posture


BACKJOY: Bringing Back Joy Into Your Lives By Improving Your Posture


sit smartBackjoy’s Sit Smart’s Newest Collection: sit better, look better, feel better!


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It’s time to straighten up, Philippines! 

Backjoy’s Sit Smart has finally introduced the newest members of their family. In order to maintain proper posture throughout the day, Backjoy is excitedly launching new products such as fashionable shoes, shirt, insoles, kneeler and pillows with Active Stabilization Technology. These dynamically support your body in optimal posture, always. It’s time to finally say goodbye to pain and make life more comfortable: time to enjoy life even more! 




Active stabilization technology is a patented innovative design that automatically supports your body to gain optimal posture with every move you make. Optimal posture is when your body is properly aligned, with weight evenly distributed between your left and right side. This helps you relieve stress from your body as  uneven posture brings strain and unwanted pressure to your spine. With Backjoy’s Active Stabilization Technology in their products, these give you proper balance and control over your body’s framework, whether you’re sitting or moving. 




BackJoy Philippines’s Posture Sleep Pillow makes use of a patented layered technology that automatically floats the head in optimal sleeping posture. Thus, properly aligning the neck and back to reduce back pain. Its Advanced Core Materials and patented layering system guarantee the right amount of support for the head and neck, allowing air circulation for maximum thermo-control. Users can also choose from a plush (warm) or smooth (cool) side for maximum personal comfort.



Backjoy’s Inflight Pillow (combination of memory foam and lightweight circle beads inside)


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Backjoy’s Posture Wear has static support column for the spine, midsection control on the sides and dynamic radial panels with varying degrees of tension to align the upper body. 


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Insoles to make every shoe you own comfortable.


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Walk Correctly With Backjoy’s Fashionable Footwear: UNBELIEVABLY LIGHTWEIGHT (perfect for travel) and SOFT on your foot.

Happy feet for healthy posture. BackJoy’s StandRight products were designed with BackJoy’s Active Stabilization Technology to help users walk correctly (through the natural gait line system) which guides the foot while walking, stand comfortably (in a neutral position) due to shock absorbing materials, and improve their posture (through an integrated system).


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Natural Gait Line Groove guides the foot in correct walking motion, along with other supports on the pad that disperses energy and reduces heel strike to provide extra comfort.


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Backjoy’s Sr. Brand Executive Donna Chavez rocking her Backjoy Boots


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Stand Right BLISS: slip on shoes with stretchy materials and ultra lightweight  soles


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Stand Right ZEN: a really good alternative to a very popular men’s shoe brand with strikingly fun colors, too.

What’s great about it? IT IS SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT!!!



 Backjoy’s Stand Right Collection



Backjoy’s Stand Right FLIP Collection



Backjoy Improves Posture: Sit Better, Walk Correctly, Stand Comfortably, Sleep Better, Move Better!



Do your body a favor and start living better today with Backjoy. Change your posture, Change your life!


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BACKJOY: Bringing Back Joy Into Your Lives By Improving Your Posture

For the complete line of BackJoy, check out their BackJoy retail stores at Ayala Cebu, Ayala Terraces Fairview, SM Fairview store, SM Mall of Asia Kiosk, SM Megamall Kiosk, SM Annex Kiosk, SM Cebu Kiosk,  Robinsons Place Manila Kiosk, Robinsons Place Magnolia Kiosk.


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BACKJOY: Bringing Back Joy Into Your Lives By Improving Your Posture