Baba’s Kebab House: A good variety and quality of Middle-Eastern Dishes

Baba’s Kebab House: A good variety and quality of Middle-Eastern Dishes


When In Manila, there are so many restaurants catering to Japanese, Western, European, and Asian food. Middle-Eastern dishes are also available locally, but under limited restaurants compared to other dishes. When talking about Middle-Eastern food, mostly we can count the good restaurants my one hand due to the scarcity of them. Baba’s Kebab House offers these Middle-Eastern dishes in an effort to keep them authentic, in great quality, generous servings, and in a good variety that retains its roots.




Baba’s Kebab House is located just right across ABS-CBN along Sgt. Esguerra. The address is; #52 Sgt. Esguerra Ave., South Triangle Q.C. It is right beside Backyard Burgers, if you read my mouthwatering review of that. Baba’s Kebab House, of course, specializes in Middle-Eastern dishes primarily the Persian and Iranian cuisine. A whole lot of Kebabs and Keemas on-board here! Darn it, thinking about Kebabs and Keemas are making me hungry as I type this away haha! On to the food:




We ordered a hefty amount of Kebabs (of course) from their menu that was very alienating for me. I have tried multiple Middle-Eastern/Persian/Iranian food establishments, but I think Baba’s Kebab House is one of the few to truly incorporate the real names of the dishes into their menu. An example would be one of our orders; the Chelo Kebab Joojeh Koobideh. It is the first I have seen it on the menu rather than just “Kebab” or “Keema” that I ever so often see with only the variation being “chicken”, “beef”, etc. This initially struct me since it emphasizes authenticity compared to others that are even owned by Middle-Easterners.




We had a hefty amount of Kebabs on our table since Baba’s Kebab House offers a wide variety of Kebab dishes. Don’t get me wrong, they also have appetizers such as the Ox Brain, Hummus, and many more. I am emphasizing on the Kebab just for now, due to how their variety is very unique locally, but very faithful to the roots. Oh and yes, I did my research. One of the dishes that I really liked is the Chelo Kebab  Barg, it is a Taka (beef tenderloin) variation of the kebab and I just loved how supple the texture of the meat is, and the juiciness that it preserved even after it had to sit a little cold after I took photos. I really dislike it when my Kebab turns cold and goes dry. Great thing about Baba’s Kebab House beef is that, they retain a very juicy tenderness all throughout and not masked by the heat of the food from the kitchen.




On to the Ox Brain, Hummus and Pita breads! The Ox Brain appetizers here in Baba’s Kebab House has a good grasp in bringing out the flavor, much similar to their Hummus that has an amplified taste that goes well over the tongue and very satisfyingly matched with their Pita Bread.





The Kebabs here at Baba’s Kebab House vary in combination. There is the Chelo Kebab Soltani which is 1 beef Kebab and 1 Taka (beef tenderloin) with vegetables and Basmati rice and butter. Another one sample is the Chelo Kebab Joojeh Koobideh which is a dish with 1 beef and 1 chicken kebab. It may be something small, but the authenticity of the names adds to the food experience always. Always.





Baba’s Kebab House also offers Whole Wheat Pita Breads for those who prefer a lighter on the stomach Pita Bread. Desserts here are also heavenly! The desserts may not be Middle-Eastern since they have Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Sea Salt, but they are just heaven on your palette! After devouring all those juicy and and tongue tickling Middle-Eastern dishes, the desserts here will surely add fireworks in your mouth!







Overall, from their Rice Combos starting at P115 – P295 and appetizers at P35 – P65, Baba’s Kebab House offers its own flavor and authentic version of Middle-Eastern dishes and unique scrumptious desserts to satisfy your cravings and cater to your budget.


Some more photos of the dishes to help you crave:











Baba’s Kebab House

Address: 52 Sgt. Esguerra St. (right beside Homer’s, across ABS-CBN), Quezon City, Philippines



Baba’s Kebab House: A good variety and quality of Middle-Eastern Dishes 

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