Avida’s “Living Inspiration”: A Celebration of Life Through Digital Art

In celebration of life and the 25 years they have been part of the Philippine real estate industry, Avida Land opened a special art gallery at  the Avida Glorietta Showroom at Makati City. Why special? Well, apart from the widely-popular Art In Island and the various forms of art spaces available in Metro Manila, “Living Inspiration”the art gallery by Avida—is special in its own right as it  exclusively features digitally-made creative artworks from some of the best Filipino digital artists today: Team Manila, WeeWillDoodle, and Ms. Angela Taguiang.


Avida’s “Living Inspiration”: A Celebration of Life Through Digital Art

Avida Digital Art GalleryHappy 25 years, Avida!

Avida Digital Art Gallery

Avida Digital Art GalleryThe ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by Avida’s President, Mr. Christopher Maglanoc, some of Avida’s management people, and the artists of the digital art gallery

Avida Digital Art GalleryGuests and members of the media were present to witness the opening of Avida’s “Living Inspiration”

Just like Avida’s central theme for their silver anniversary, “celebrating life’s many inspiring possibilities,” digital art is the uprising form of art that provides a plethora of opportunities for anyone with a gadget to express their art, may it be through typography, illustrations,  paintings, graphics, or music in digital means. As a fan of anything digital, I think digital art is a great way to introduce art to the younger generation from a fresh perspective.  We can tell them,  “hey, you can show your creative side with that smartphone/tablet you’re playing with right now.”

 Avida Digital Art Gallery

Here’s a brief background about the three special artists Avida partnered with for “Living Inspiration”:

Team Manila, an award-winning graphic design studio with an impressive portfolio of works in various fields of graphic design and branding, has been creating digital designs since 2001. Their aim is to educate and cultivate public appreciation through its work while making a lasting mark on visual culture and reinforcing the current lifestyle of graphic design here and abroad.

WeeWillDoodle, on the other hand, has made a name in the industry for its unique technique, expressing their art by way of random lines and characters, starting from traditional line art, painting, and finishing digitally.

Aside from being a graphic designer, Angela Taguiang is also an illustrator and visual artist. She is an active member of Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK), the only organization in the country dedicated to the creation and promotion of children’s illustration.”

Avida Digital Art Gallery“Inspiring Landscapes” by Team Manila

Avida Digital Art Gallery“Streets” by WeeWillDoodle

Avida Digital Art Gallery

The image above is a closer look at “Streets”; it has got to be one of my favorites among this collection (well, basically that goes for every doodle art with adorable cartoons and inspiring messages)! Mr. Nelz Yumul, the man in the photo below, is one of the pioneers of WeeWillDoodle. I asked him how he did this great piece of digital artwork, and he said it all just took a graphics tablet, a digital pen, archive paper for printing, and lots of creative juice!

Avida Digital Art Gallery Mr. Nelz Yumul of WeeWillDoodle with his digital masterpiece

Avida Digital Art Gallery“Inspiration and Living Personified” by Team Manila

Team Manila also wowed the guests with their live serigraph, or digital silk screen performance. They asked the guests to choose a design, and created that design in a jiffy in front of us!

Avida Digital Art Gallery

Avida Digital Art GalleryA member of Team Manila drying the paint of the artwork for the awaited release to the guests

Avida Digital Art GalleryGuests  were also invited to choose their favorite digital artwork and take home a copy of them as souvenir 🙂

Avida Digital Art GalleryI fortunately had the chance to take home a copy of Ms. Taguiang’s digital artwork entitled “Good Afternoon” as a souvenir, and it even has her signature, too! Thank you so much, Ms. Angela and Avida!

Avida Digital Art Gallery

In the words of Ms. Tess Tatco, the Marketing Head of Avida: “Technology used for digital art allows these artists to produce a multitude of options to express their vision. Avida believes in always exploring these dynamic opportunities. Through this event, Avida aims to make digital art more accessible to the public, the same way Avida aims to bring homes that fulfill dreams accessible to more individuals and families.”

Avida’s Digital Art Gallery, dubbed as “Living Inspiration,” surely is a great way to make this modern form of art even more accessible to the public—especially in a bustling location such as Glorietta. It is just one of the many events (see The Avida Serin Tagaytay Food Hunt) Avida has prepared for their 25th anniversary, so when in Manila, do check out the digital art gallery as soon possible! It will be open for public viewing for two weeks. 🙂



 “Living Inspiration” Digital Art Gallery by Avida

2/F Glorietta 4, Makati City
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