Pia is a trained counseling psychologist turned accidental housewife. She spends most her day learning basic domestic skills like cooking, managing a household and trying out pre-school level DIY projects. Her favorite activities include trying to read as many books as she can possibly manage in her lifetime, blogging about her experiences as a Subic housewife, writing children’s books for her friends’ kids, downloading a multitude of fonts that she’s convinced will eventually come in handy for her DIY projects, updating herself with current events and discussing them with her much more policy-savvy husband, watching shows like Modern Family, Everybody Loves Mindy and comedians like Chris Rock and Trevor Noah, endlessly researching on anything that strikes her obsessive nature as interesting, coming up with new life/psychological philosophies and using them to analyze loved ones and stalking local and foreign celebrities. Follow her at www.thedesperatesubichousewife.wordpress.com.