A’TIN ang SB19! Reasons to Love the P-Pop Phenomenon SB19

Words by Paul Adrian Galo and Princess Nicole S. Catabay of Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School

The Philippines recently had their first artist to enter the Billboard nominations, and fans and non-fans were ecstatic! From their debut single “Tilaluha” up to their latest title track “What?,” SB19 proves there are more to anticipate from their group.

The five-member Filipino boy group, composed of members Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin, has already garnered millions of fans and over 30 awards only after almost three years since their debut! They have created a big fandom (A’TIN) in their homeland as they continue to dominate the charts locally and nationally. If you have yet to fall in love with them, then here are reasons why you should!

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Their Training Process

SB19 is the first-ever Filipino boy group under a Korean entertainment, which is ShowBT Philippines, a subsidiary of ShowBT Group in Korea. Under their entertainment’s supervision, the group went to experience intense and vigorous training for almost three years before their debut. During their debut days, lead rapper Josh said in an interview that they always have a nine-hour vocal and dance training every day, with a one-day break per week. This shows the group’s determination to present a grand performance on stage!

Their Versatility as Singers, Dancers, and Performers

SB19’s versatility was already revealed from their first digital single and debut song, “Tilaluha”, a pop ballad that showcases their outstanding vocal skills and harmony, followed by “Go Up” and “Alab” (Burning) and their recent title track “What”, which are all pop tracks that exhibit the group’s dancing skills. But their versatility is most seen during their onstage performances! The group never fails to let their viewers see what they really are with their live vocals and intense synchronized choreography!

Their Stunning Covers

Not only is SB19 able to perform their own tracks, but the group also does song covers from time to time! From Filipino songs to International songs, and K-Pop covers from different groups and solo artists, SB19 is not afraid to take up any genre and language to present their talent as artists!

Their Unique Individual and Group Charms

Another thing that made fans fall head over heels with the group is for their charms! SB19’s not only able to deliver as performers, but also as entertainers with their funny variety skills that can be seen in their many show guestings! They also have their own individual charms, like their leader Pablo’s outstanding composition and writing skills and sassy attitude that garnered him the nickname “Ate Chona” from the fans, member Justin’s fascinating drawing skills that can be seen on their “Go Up” Music Video, lead rapper Josh’s gaming skills, main vocal Stell’s celebrity impersonation and choreographing skills, and Ken’s smile-inducing laughs.

Their Heartwarming Connectivity

A’TINs are very lucky to have SB19 as idols as they never fail to show their appreciation and to communicate with their fans through social media. They celebrate achievements like getting 500,000 views for their videos, post solo and group song covers, and even live-stream themselves gaming (mostly Josh). Before pandemic, SB19 holds free concerts and performances for their fans too, like their School Attack event  wherein they went to different schools to perform free. With how much the fans love the group, the group always makes it a point to repay that love.

Still unconvinced why SB19 has gained such fame and recognition? We asked a few proud A’TINs why they love SB19 and continue to support them!

“SB19 serves as my inspiration in different things, their music makes me feel thatI am loved, their existence gives me strength. I love SB19 because they taught me how to love myself.”- Sarah Aspiras

“I love their personality as individuals and as a team. I can see how passionate they are and they know what they are really doing. They know how to use music through inspiring other people. And one of the reasons is I think I love them is because they are my fellow Filipino.”- Karyll Santos

” They produce quality music, aside from that, all members are flexible and great at performing. I also like their character, their naughty side, and humility.”- Amberdawn Andres

“SB19 isn’t lost and found but they will find you when you’re lost, they will be your crying shoulder when the world turns their back to you. SB19 are talented, humble, so passionate and have a pure heart yet people still hurt them by throwing harsh words that SB19 didn’t deserve. SB19 World Domination!” – Aki Nicole Tesani

“Nagustuhan ko talaga ang group na SB19 dahil sa kanta nilang Go up. Gusto ko sila dahil punong-puno sila ng talento at determinasyon, isa sila sa group na sobrang humble kaya mahal ko sila.” – Alliah Irish Chua

“I don’t really have specific reasons why I stan them, I just felt it. All I know is I’m happy watching and supporting them from afar. I love them because they love me (the fandom) and they can also make me happy for unknown reason”- Akisa Gabisan

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Our own personal thoughts on SB19…

I enjoy listening to their songs and their hair-raising ballad songs like “Tilaluha” and “Hanggang sa Huli.” One word is not enough to describe how powerful this group is when performing. The growth and continuous improvement not only of the group but also of the fandom are what makes people continue to love them! Another thing I also admire about SB19 and the fandom is their wholesomeness and reciprocity. I saw how hardworking A’TINs are in supporting SB19, and the same goes with SB19 itself, who always give their very best to produce and write songs for their fans and the whole community.

They truly do make the country proud!

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