Atilla Meat Bar Serves a Delicious Steak Mountain

When we heard that this new restaurant in Alabang serves a heaping Steak Mountain, we just had to venture to the South! Situated in Molito Lifestyle Center, Atilla Meat Bar definitely makes the drive for Manileños worth it with their wide array of delectable and unique dishes.

For those who already live near Alabang: Atilla should definitely be on your list if it isn’t yet. They have excellent flavors, huge servings, knowledgeable staff, and sleek interiors – what’s not to like?

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Just look at that marbling!

What makes a good meat bar is, of course, quality meat – and there’s definitely a lot of that at Atilla. Aside from their claim of being the first restaurant in the Philippines to serve a Steak Mountain, they’re also the first in the Philippines to have a Steak Flight, where you will be served the same cut of steak from different origins so you can taste them side by side. The steaks in the photo above are all ribeye cuts, which are exceptionally tender; but they come from different countries (from left: Japan, USA, Argentina).

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Torching A4 Wagyu for their Steak Mountain

Of course, you shouldn’t leave Atilla without trying their pièce de résistance: the Steak Mountain! Imagine boulders of Argentinian Ribcap cubes with pickled Shimeji mushrooms lining the base, delectable A4 Wagyu strips as you travel your way up, and finally a refreshing blend of bonito flakes, and leeks at the top akin to the breath of fresh air you take when you reach the summit. The Japanese rice covered with their house sauce in the middle of the mountain is full of umami. This 250g of meaty goodness is an artwork in itself.

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Steak Hill (Left, P510) and Steak Mountain (Right, P910)

For those who are not as adventurous, they also serve a Steak Hill, which is 120g of meat – still enough to fill your appetite. Considering that a ribcap is the most coveted part on a steer due to its sheer fattiness and flavor, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. They recommend pairing this dish with a glass of Almuvedre or a bottle of Chateauneuf Du Pape if you’re feeling lavish.

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Quinoa Cauliflower Salad (P330)

For those who want lighter fare, they also have Quinoa Cauliflower Salad, which houses a medley of quinoa, snow cabbage, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, topped with a triple citrus vinaigrette and sprinkled with feta cheese.

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Tamarind Fried Chicken (P450)

You can also take refuge from all of the beef with their Tamarind Fried Chicken served with pandan rice, which is tender and crispy at the same time.

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Enjoy your meal amidst their minimalistic interiors.

Atilla’s bar seats are known as the best seats in the house because you can watch the orchestrated crew make their masterpieces in the open kitchen and talk to their very knowledgeable chef to get more information about their dishes. The staff members of Atilla are all well-versed in the meat bar concept, and they can answer any questions you might think of.

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Smoked Vongole

If you want to skip the meat during the Lenten season, Atilla has got you covered, as they will be serving a limited edition Smoked Vongole for Lent (February 26 – April 12). It’s an oil-based pasta with clams and smoked butter, giving it a strong flavor.

Whether you’re a person who wants to have a nice solo lunch out, a couple looking to have a romantic dinner, or a group of friends who just wants to hang out and have a good meal; visit Atilla Meat Bar. There are plenty of things that draw people to the South, but few are as glorious as the flavors you will experience at Atilla.

Atilla Meat Bar

Open daily from 11AM to 3PM, and 6PM to 11PM


Instagram: @atillameatbar

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