ASUS N56vm Multimedia Laptop Mini Review of Features

Asus n56vm

Asus N56vm Laptop


When In Manila choosing your next laptop is one head wrenching argument with yourself; there are a lot of knick knacks to consider before spending your hard earned money on one. I myself have had that trouble last year until I found one specific laptop that fits my wants and needs and that is ASUS’s N55sf, I was certain that I would buy this specific laptop but then I saw a new model of the N-Series during COMPUTEX and was even more captivated by it, the Asus N56vm which has better specs than and more appealing design than the older N55sf.



ASUS N56vm




Asus N56m Laptop


The thing with the Asus N56vm is that it is a complete package for a laptop, spec wise it has a dual core Intel Core i5 processor (Ivy Bridge), Nvidia GT 650m with 2gb memory and 4 GHZ dd3. Aside from good specs there are also some other things that gives the N56vm more bang for its worth.



ASUS N56vm Subwoofer




Asus N56m Subwoofer 


The Asus N56vm is an entertainment laptop and while one can argue that every laptop can be used for entertainment. No other brand in the market offers a subwoofer with their 15 inch laptop, plus the N56vm also sounds great thanks to Bang Olufsen Ice Power speakers. Thus making games and movies sound a whole lot better with the N56vm.



Asus N56vm Graphics Card: Nvidia GT 650m



 Asus N56m Laptop


The Asus N56vm sports an Nvidia GT 650m graphics card which is a currently a tier 1 graphics card according to NotebookCheck.com  and is the same as what the new Macbook pro with retina display has. This allows for better video rendering and the highly sought out “Ultra” settings for some recent game titles all while maintaining a pretty good resolution to it.



  • Asus N56vm Resolution






Speaking of resolution, the Asus N56vmoffers a eye popping 1920×1080 resolution, it is no retina display but that is exceptionally big considering you are cramping that on a 15 inch screen. It is definitely no retina display but at the price that they offer this laptop I definitely wouldn’t mind.



  • Asus N56vm Design






The design is very slick, almost mac-ish in my opinion and they did a really good job on making the laptop feel thinner than it looks. It is quite heavy and thick, I mean most 15 inch laptops are but it is still portable unlike the 17-inch ones which are meant to stay at home. All in all no qualms on weight, in fact I did bring the Asus N56vm to Hong Kong on my backpack so I could say that it is manageable, girls might think otherwise though.



  • Asus N56vm Price and Availability






And the part that everybody wants to read, how much will this cost? The Asus N56vm will be priced at 48,995 pesos and would be available in the coming months. If you weigh everything carefully, you are looking at a laptop with a similar video card as the MBP, good sounds and good resolution all that while costing you half what you would actually pay for an Macbook pro and only a couple more pesos than the usual 40ish thousand laptop. In my books that is a pretty good deal but then again you could try to weigh the pros and cons yourself.


So until next time When In Manila, be sure to check ASUS world stores for the Asus N56vm.



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