ART SHOPPING in Manila: OMKARA’s Indian Heart through Art!


When In Manila experience ‘Indian Heart through ART‘  as OMKARA group of artists bring oils, acrylic, water colors and photographs to Art lovers in the Philippines from September 11th to 17th 2011. “We are a passionate, crazy and playful bunch of women artists and we thought of doing something together…and see how we can be at home outside ‘home’ India.






Collaborating with the art circle in Manila…galleries, curators, suppliers and art-buyers has enriched our  Expat experience in the Philippines. Fun has been our reward, so far. And we are super-excited to showcase our work beginning this sunday: ALL ARE INVITED!”  The artists are Aditi Ahuja, Amena Bal, Harveen Kaur, Meenakshi Seth, Shabina Saundh, Shweta Mangal, Swati Pandey and Vimmi Khanna with some guest entries as well.





Professional pieces and traditional Indian designs are balanced by bold strokes in Abstract and Expression. Its rIch: looking at the gallery walls. Each art piece is an orange to an apple– some pithy, some peely, but all fresh and juicy . Being a part of Omkara myself, I can say that this collaborative effort made each one of us step out of our individual studios and do much more than our usual ambit of activity. We took on design, production, co-ordination and even marketing: things that as artists, we do not usually do. Here’s the Invite. Come, enjoy yourself, spend…. an afternoon with us and…share our passion.


LRI plaza, where we are exhibiting is close to most places even in bad traffic 🙂 It is at right angles to the Jupiter Street where the Indian grocery store Assad, and restaurants like Corner Tree Cafe and Queens are located. And I personally have got kind of addicted to the gallery space here….


In between spaces and Sp–ac—ces of Bea-uti-fullllll…. arty objects  there are these Rrrreally cool cafes— I feel like singing and smiling stuuuPIDli when I am at LRI. So come for OMKARA, and discover a new place for art cravings When In Manila !









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