Art of War Wrestling

ART OF WAR WRESTLING started as an idea which blossomed into reality due to the minds that came together under a common goal: To make Philippine Pro Wrestling great again.

GENESIS marks the debut of AoW (Art of War) Wrestling; after nearly a year of intense and grueling training, the Warriors of AoW now find themselves on the cusp of a new era in Philippine Pro Wrestling as fans wait in anticipation for what promises to be a stellar display of ring skills and talent.

Art of War Wrestling was founded and developed under the leadership of CEO Brian Finigan, former pro wrestling champion Classical Bryan Leo, as well as Ph wrestling standout The Machine. Extreme Championship Wrestling alumnus and former WWE developmental talent, Chilly Willy, would soon get involved with the cause, and assist with the development of AoW by serving as a consultant trainer. They will help develop a training curriculum designed to forge raw talent through the means of intense training of not only the body, but also the mentality of its roster.

They also hope to showcase a globally competitive local pro wrestling product, as well as to properly train and develop local professional wrestlers.

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