Art In The Park Makati: A Modern Art Fair in Manila

Art In The Park Makati: A Modern Art Fair in Manila  

Art in the Park 2014

Modern Art


When in Manila and you want to hang out with your family and friends to seize the weekend, you go to the park to unwind and relax. This activity is usually done on Sunday mornings when the weather is awesome and the sky is clear. Last Sunday March 23rd, I went out and I took my camera with me for another regular day at the park; except it wasn’t. I went to the annual Art in The Park event hosted by The Museum Foundation of the Philippines and it was the best trip to the park I’ve had in years.

Art in The Park has been around for eight long years now. With the aim of delivering 100% Pinoy-made art pieces to the masses by making it more affordable, they have captured a lot of attention not just from art enthusiasts but also from lots of other people. It was held in Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village Makati City and they took over the entire park and covered it with all things artsy. I’ve never seen such a huge crowd in an art-related event before. There were groups of friends, students, families and a lot of little children who were all enjoying the colors and creativity around them.

Art in the Park 2014

Awesome skull paintings!


It was my first time to attend the event and as I got through each tent, I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional over the fact that the country actually has a lot of extremely talented artists and most of us don’t even know their names. That’s why I think Art in The Park is so great: it reminds us that Filipinos are really talented in the field of art. Plus, the proceeds from this modern art fair went to the Museum Foundation of The Philippines to fund their mission to create awareness for the National Museum and its network. Too bad it was only a one-day event. Still, the organizers did a great job in making Philippine Art known to as many people as possible.

Want to know more about the National Musuem? Check out WhenInManila’s feature about it here:

Art in the Park 2014

Ral Arrogante’s amazingly detailed bug sculpture


Out of all the 58 participating Art groups and artists on the event, there are some that really stood out the most, like Ral Arrogante’s Wheels and Wings. He used discarded brass or copper metal bits and sheets to create adorable and amazingly detailed figures. I love how his work inspires recycling things and turning them into something beautiful. It was my first time to see his work and I’m already a big fan. I’d love to own one of his sculptures someday. 

Modern Art in the Park

Pete Jimenez’s “Kwentuhan”


Another artist who used scrap metals and rusty discarded shards from junk shops and transformed them into works of art is the talented Pete Jimenez. His sculptures are not only big; they are also witty and full of surprises. Looking at his works reminds me a lot of Dr. Seuss – probably because of his strange and playful vision. One way to describe his style is by using the word ‘unexpected’ because you’ll never know what an old shoe and a jar will end up as when Mr. Jimenez is done with them! His works are genius and truly worthy of worldwide recognition.

Art in the Park 2014

Michelin Syjuco’s wicked looking crown


There were also a lot of female artists present at the event like Micheline Syjuco who showcased her unique and out-of-this-world jewellery. I also saw Yeo Kaa whose hair is as extraordinary as her paintings and drawings. I had seen her stuff on her Instagram account and website before, but they were even more impressive in person.

Art in the Park 2014 the famous customized cotton candy

the famous customized cotton candy


Of course, an event like this wouldn’t be complete without amazing food! My sister and I tried the famous sculpted cotton candy in the shape of a pig. It looked so good, we almost didn’t want to eat it and destroy the masterpiece. There were also a lot of other stands that offered cheap but quality food. The shawarma stall served the biggest beef shawarma I had ever seen! We went home rather early, but the hours we spent there looking at original Pinoy Art was indeed time well-spent. 

Modern Art In The Park 2014

I’d love to drink my coffee in that rad looking mug!


I’ve always been an art lover and even though I can’t call myself an artist yet, I do enjoy creating things with my hands like painting and making my own t-shirt designs. I was never confident with my own works of art before; but after I went to Art int he Park, I felt so empowered and motivated to improve my own skills. I even thought about joining the event next year to try to sell and handmade t-shirts to people in person instead of just online.

Art in the Park 2014 Behind me: Olivia D'aboville Light Installations

Behind me: Olivia D’Aboville Light Installations

Being surrounded by art and breathing the same creative air with people who have the same passion in art as I do filled me with so much inspiration and a heightened passion for the arts. Mabuhay ang Sining ng Pilipinas!   








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Art In The Park Makati: A Modern Art Fair in Manila