Animahenasyon 2012: The 6th Philippine Animation Festival







When in Manila, witness Filipino talent and creativity by going to this year’s Animahenasyon 2012: The 6th Philippine Animation Festival



Combining the words “animation” and “imagination”, Animahenasyon was born out of a creative wordplay with the purpose of promoting Filipino animators and the Philippines as a nation of animators. The project is the birth-child of the Animation Council of the Philippines, INC





 Who will be this year’s best of the best?




Annually, Animahenasyon showcases animated works created by both professional and amateur animators in and out of the Philippines. Having entries from Portugal and Bulgaria, the competition is said to be tougher this year with a distinct taste of diversity.  Each year, they also choose an Outstanding Emerging Artist and a Lifetime Achievement Awardee from a group of talented animators. This 2012 Nelson “Blog” Caliguia Jr. bagged the former award.




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 MUTYA by Nelson “Blog” Caliguia, Jr. 




The talented animation film maker, illustrator, storyboard artist, cartoonist, multimedia artist, *breathes* director and writer can probably be called a triple threat with the power of two in the animation industry. Blog was entitled to be a “Best of Benilde” member twice, and was the grand prize winner for 2009’s Animahenasyon Professional Division. “I learned that it is useful to treat the project as a form of semi-autobiography. After I started to infuse my own identity, feelings and experiences into the film, a lot of creative decisions became more natural.” He says, talking about what inspired his creations.  



Animahenasyon 2012: The 6th Philippine Animation Festival will take place on November 26 – 29 at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde SDA Campus. So When in Manila, “please follow your heart, win or lose.” says Blog as he quotes a line from Salinger’s “Seymour: An Introduction.” Till next time!






Animahenasyon 2012

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(Photos from: https://www.animahenasyon.com/ and the ACPI.)






Animahenasyon 2012: The 6th Philippine Animation Festival