Ang Bistro Sa Remedios: Filipino Cuisine in a Chic Setting


When in Manila, have a taste of authentic Filipino dishes at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios.

Named after the street where it is located in Malate, Manila, Ang Bistro Sa Remedios offers an all-Filipino cuisine in a Filipino themed restaurant. Braving the rain one Saturday evening, we had the chance to have food tasting at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios.

Ang Bistro Sa Remedios


Upon entering Ang Bistro Sa Remedios, we were welcomed by the outlet manager, Mr. Marlon Tobias. He immediately led us to our table and once seated, the drinks and food started coming out of the kitchen. It is quite noticeable that the restaurant has a homey feel, very Filipino themed from ceiling to floor. The ambiance it exudes is probably one reason many foreigners go here. 

Inside Ang Bistro Sa Remedios

Filipino-Themed Dining Area

Filipino-Themed Decors

We started the food tasting at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios with some of their popular appetizers. We were served with Sinuteng Baby Pusit, Gambas, Crispy Camaro, and Chicharon. Great appetizer set! The baby pusit and gambas we so tasty. We had to fight over the chicharon and surprisingly, it isn’t pork fat only. It had a layer of pork meat that you rarely see in other chicharons. The camaro is not for the faint of heart. But it is a perfect starters for the daring and bold. Camaro are mole crickets and very popular in Pampanga. We used to drive all the way there just to have these crickets. Now, we don’t have to as we have learned they are available at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios.


Sinuteng Baby Pusit



Crispy Camaro

Then we sampled on their main dishes. Filipino cuisine is really at its best at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios. Though it is popular for its authentic Filipino cuisine servings, Ang Bistro Sa Remedios amazed us with something new via the Ensaladang Ampalaya. This salad is made from fresh, just blanched, and thinly sliced ampalaya (bitter melon). Unexpectedly, it is not bitter at all. It was a combination of sour and salty, which is good even if ampalaya is a vegetable that is somewhat difficult to love.

Ensaladang Ampalaya

It is customary to have a dish with soup when it comes to Filipino dining so we were served with a large bowl of Sinigang na Baboy. The Kalderetang Kambing is a unique Filipino dish served at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios. It is a must-try if you visit this resto. The Relyenong Bangus is a breathe of seafood freshness after all the meaty food we had.

Sinigang na Baboy

Kalderetang Kambing

Relyenong Bangus

We ended the food tasting at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios with their unique desserts. These are the own sweet concoction inspired from various Filipino desserts added with the Ang Bistro Sa Remedios twist.

Desserts at Ang Bistro Sa Remedios

Claude’s Dream is named from the popular chef and owner of Bale Dutung, Chef Claude Tayag. It’s pure love with vanilla ice cream at the core, topped with coconut meat and green gelatin.

Claude’s Dream

Sikreto ni Maria Clara has a creamy blanket that hides the secret inside. Wanna know the secret? Come closer. Closer.

Sikreto ni Maria Clara

There. It is suman and ripe mangoes. Perfect.

Sikreto ni Maria Clara

Maja Blanca Remedios is good to the eyes and to our palate. Soft maja poured with a generous amount of condensed milk and topped with pinipig (pounded young glutinous rice). Pinipig adds the extra crunchhh.

Maja Blanca Remedios

Special thanks to Ang Bistro Sa Remedios, Mr. Marlon Tobias, and the in-house band for filling our tummy with food and serenading us that rainy night. More power to your restaurant and to the Filipino cuisine!

Mr. Marlon Tobias and Me

The Band

The Food Culprits 


1911 M. Adriatico Street,
Remedios Circle, Malate, Manila

Phone: 523-9153 or 523-9153


Facebook Page: Ang Bistro Sa Remedios


Ang Bistro Sa Remedios: A Taste of Authentic Filipino Cuisine

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