So Cute!!! Andi Manzano Dresses Up Her Baby Girl as Princess Leia

The beauty of having children and of having the new Star Wars movie come out is that you can dress them up in adorable costumes even way after Halloween is over.

And that is exactly what host and radio DJ Andi Manzano has done.

Andi has recently posted these adorable photos of her daughter Olivia dressed as Princess Leia, wielding a little lightsaber next to BB-8. Talk about ultra Star Wars geekiness!

We seriously cannot get over how cute these photos are!!!

#familygoals once more!

andi manzano baby princess leia costume star wars 2

andi manzano baby princess leia costume star warsBoth photos are from Andi Manzano’s Facebook page.

Have you been taking advantage of the Star Wars fever in any way? Share your cute Star Wars photos with us and we might just compile them into an article, too! 🙂