Despite What Albie Casiño Said, Andi Eigenmann Claims She Already Apologized to Him

Contrary to what Albie Casiño claimed on his Instagram story about former girlfriend Andi Eigenmann still not apologizing to him for having accused him of being the father of her first-born, Ellie, for nearly 5 years, Andi has come to her defense to say that she already did.

In a comment on a now-deleted Instagram post of a netizen, Andi expressed that she didn’t need to make her apology public and that it remains to be a private matter between her and Albie.

“Not that I owe you any sort of explanation, but since you’re the only one that has tagged me in this, I actually already have. (You can ask him that too,)” she began. “You and the rest of the public are not aware, because I never owed you that apology. I owed that to him. You see, it’s one thing not to have given forgiveness. That’s something I can’t control. But it’s also another thing to say otherwise.”

She continued, “I think the fact that I’ve been blessed to have such a wonderful life after everything is enough proof that I’ve grown to become far different from the person I once was. My past struggles have taught me that we can never really please everybody. That no matter what, there will always be people like you who will be quick to judge others w/o knowing their story. There will always be those who will see only what they want to, and hear only what they want to.”

She then asked those who have been hurling criticisms at her for the resurfaced controversy: “Did any of you even remember that the root of this controversy was because I was physically abused? Right. I don’t think so. But you know what? I’m OK with it.”

“This is exactly why I found my happiness living away from the limelight, and all the constant judgment from people you don’t even know, people whose opinions should never have mattered. But did. It still did. Because I was only human,” she added.

She ended her post by inspiring people to always be kind to others, whether they’re friends, strangers, or celebrities.

“Through all this I’ve learned that kindness is key no matter what. And that has definitely done me so much good,” she said. “You obviously don’t know me, so you probably wouldn’t know. Nevertheless I want you to try that too. I know times have been tough on all of us lately. But it always, always pays to be kind.”

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