Andi Eigenmann Begins Her Post-Pregnancy Fitness Journey

Andi Eigenmann recently passed the 5-week mark since giving birth to her baby daughter, Keliana Alohi Eigenmann Alipayo. Baby Lilo, as she’s often called, is Andi’s child with professional surfer Philmar Alipayo. As Andi moves into her 6th week post-partum, she is looking forward to getting back into her old fitness habits and is looking to herself as her own fitspiration!

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She shared a throwback photo of herself sitting atop Taal volcano on her Instagram. The caption explained how she’s recently been going through old photos in search for some fitness inspiration. It hasn’t only been useful in reminding her about the body she hopes to achieve again, but also about the feelings behind certain moments and how that pushes her even further to rediscover that particular type of happiness.

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Motibeyshun Miyerkules: me sitting pretty atop Taal Volcano, after running towards it! . Just posting a lil throwback because Ive been browsing through my old photos for a little inspiration (and because bagay sa feed ko?) to ease my way back into my old fitness habits! I’m 5 weeks post- partum and so that means I start project comeback (™️ @sarahs_day) on Tuesday, 6 wks PP. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. Been swimming in the ocean since blood stopped (and with my doctor’s go signal) but only for a little bit as I dont want to overdo myself. And today, I did a quick low intensity c- section friendly work- out routine. Can’t wait to share with you what I will be doing to get back in shape! BUT remember that every body and every person is different. Please seek your healthcare provider’s advice before doing any exercise and research on what will be best for yourself as well. Oh and because I want to be sure that I am sending the right message— this is exactly why my own fitspiration is myself. Because it’s not about achieving the body that someone else has. That will never happen. It’s about achieving the best body you can give yourself. And yes, I also know that maybe I may never look this exact way again, but I remember being happy with the way I look in this pic and this isn’t even at my peak. That’s how looking at old pics of myself motivates me. I dont just see the body, I remember the feeling as well, and it excites me to feel the same way again.

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Andi talks about how she’s already been slowly easing herself back into the active lifestyle with swims in the ocean. She’s even tried out a ‘quick low intensity c- section friendly work- out routine.’ Don’t worry, the gentle exercise has already been approved by her doctor!

There were no specific details about the workout routine or fitness plan she intends to take on but did promise it would soon be coming. She also sought to remind people that “every body and every person is different.” This means that it would be best to check with your own doctor or healthcare provider when it comes to decisions like this.

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Most importantly she emphasized how the point of her sharing was to show how “it’s not about achieving the body that someone else has. That will never happen. It’s about achieving the best body you can give yourself.”

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