Always Running Late? You Need This Hands-Free Hair Dryer

Are you always running late? This lazy girl hack will save you a few minutes in the morning. We found this hair dryer that comes with a sturdy tripod and a wall bracket! With hands-free hair drying, you can focus on other things like choosing your OOTD or doing your makeup.

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Photo: Lazada

Even when you’re drying your hair without time pressure, handheld blow dryers are just too much of a workout! Lol. Kidding aside, you can conveniently brush and style your hair on your own while the dryer does its job. Although a personal glam team would be most preferable, this Lazy Hair Dryer will also take some work off our hands (literally).

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Photo: Lazada

This device also comes in handy if you groom your pets at home. This way, you can brush their fur while drying them so they won’t get all tangled up.

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Photo: Lazada

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