Alta by Relik Serves Superb Filipino and Spanish Food

Alta by Relik is a restaurant located around Santolan Town Plaza, where they have their own building surrounded by different plants. Inside, the restaurant feels very modern and luxurious because of the aesthetic handpainted murals by Whattheef.Creatives, extravagant upholstered seats, and cool ceiling lights.

Compared to other restaurants I’ve been to before, I was pleasantly surprised to find a carpeted stage there. Oh, live music! Where have you been?

Did you know that the word Alta means “high” in Spanish? They offer Filipino, American & Spanish food.


Here are some of our favorite dishes from the restaurant:


Seafood Chowder Soup (P295)

I like how creamy this soup is, and how it has all sorts of seafood meat in it.


Chicken Paella (P745)

This mouthwatering dish comes with lemon, quail eggs, and string beans. The texture is tender and velvety. The taste is sticky, sour, and smoky (for the chicken). As Dora says in Spanish “delicioso”.


Chorizig (P295)

Alta’s fusion of sisig and chorizo is unique. Topped with egg and mayo, it tastes salty, a little spicy, and saucy. Don’t forget to squeeze some calamansi on it.


Crispy Bagnet Kare-Kare (P495)

This is basically crunchy bagnet over kare-kare soup, but the vegetables aren’t mixed in with the soup. That’s something new! The chef steams petsay, string beans, and eggplant to complement the kare-kare soup. This is my favorite because it’s very nutritious.


Lamb Pares (P355)

Matched with garlic rice, this sweet and salty dish resembles adobong baboy. This is great for people who love salty food. I like that it’s soupy.


Relik’s Nachos (P350)

These nachos are very cheesy and meaty, but also sour because its tomato-based. This is a sure favorite for nacho lovers out there. Visually, it’s presented creatively and enticingly.

ALTA 6Longganisa with Salted Egg Cream Flatbread (P375)

This flatbread is one-of-a-kind. I couldn’t imagine our local longganisa being used as meat on a pizza before this. Out of all of the food that I was able to taste here, this is my top pick. If I had four hands, I would give it four thumbs up because it’s very cheesy and sweet. The pizza is crunchy and great as a snack. Yay!

This stylish restaurant also offers different drinks like wine, vodka, margarita, whisky, cocktails, and beer.

Though I don’t drink, I’m curious what their colorful cocktails taste like. I think the drinks are calling my name. What more could you ask for from a restaurant? Make sure you visit them soon!

Alta by Relik

Pavilion 7 & 8, Santolan Town Plaza, 276 Col. Bonny Serrano Ave, San Juan



Instagram: @AltabyRelik