Mega Fashion Crew Mall Tour: Allison Harvard Meets Up with Fans in Manila

With Allison is Suki Salvador, who is despite his achievements as Mega Magazine’s Executive Creative Director remained so approachable and charming.  

allison harvard when in manila9


The Mega Fashion Crew teams presented their models

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Allison gave her thoughts on the make-up and styling

When in Manila Aliison

 Allison, Suki, and Dyan Warren-Geiger, Senior Product Manager for L’Oreal Philippines deliberated and chose the winning team. 

When in Manila Allison Harvard

 The moment of truth – the winning group is announced! 

allison harvard when in manila23

Congratulations, Team!

allison harvard when in manila24

The much anticipated part of the event must be the Meet and Greet! 150 fans (or more, including me and my friend waited for a chance to have a pic with Allison and Suki!). 

We were lucky to be seated in front and we got to see as each one of the fans came up on stage to have a picture with Allison and Suki. A lot of them even brought gifts – from bracelet paintings and stuffed toys! Allison was sure touched! 

 Fans got creative in requesting for Allison’s autograph.

A lot of them asked her to sign in the VIP pass card, the Mega Magazine issue, and even smartphone covers!

allison harvard when in manila48

 This guy wanted her autograph on his bag!

allison harvard when in manila43

 But this guy is a winner!

when in manila allison harvard

We didn’t mind waiting for more than an hour for our turn to say hi to Allison and Suki. I personally enjoyed watching Allison and how grateful her fans were when they got close to her. It was my first time to actually witness how a celebrity (a one known internationally!) treats and interacts with her fans, and I fell in love with how sweet and sincere Allison is. At times, she felt sad when fans were prohibited to take selfies with her because time was limited and the organizers wanted to accommodate all the VIP pass holders.  

This group flashed a card and asked Allison for a group picture. 

Allison said she would make it happen, and she did!

allison harvard when in manila37

Fans got creative in posing with Allison and Suki!

allison harvard when in manila30

Spell  F-i-e-r-c-e!

allison harvard when in manila31

I also love Suki who enjoyed the Meet & Greet (as much as we did!). He is a natural! What a joy to watch him on stage as he laughed and giggled with Allison and the fans.  He exudes that aura that is fun, you want to be friends with him.

 Check out these captured moments of Suki Salvador taken by our photographer of the day @frenchKRYsin

allison harvard when in manila33

allison harvard when in manila34

 I love this shot and yes, we love Suki!

allison harvard when in manila35

Of course, we didn’t miss our chance to say “hi” to Allison and Suki!

allison harvard when in manila13

 Allison and Suki with our photographer of the day, Christine Yap

When in Manila Allison and Suki

People are wondering if Allison is taller than I am. She was wearing a really cute platform shoes, and in here, see one of the fans wearing almost the same shoes as Allison! Cute!

allison harvard when in manila49

Thank you One Mega Group and L’Oreal Philippines for the opportunity to meet Allison and Suki!

@ruthilicious and @frenchKRYsin for 😉

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 Mega Fashion Crew Mall Tour: Allison Harvard Meets Up with Fans in Manila

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