All-You-Can-Read Mobile App: Esquire, YES!, Top Gear, Cosmopolitan, FHM and More in One Click

All You Can Read Mobile App Ookbee Buffet

Ookbee Philippines, formerly Hand Interactive, Inc., the company behind the premier Filipino e-bookstore app buqo, is again blazing the trail in mobile e-reading with the launch of their new product, Ookbee Buffet.

Ookbee Buffet is a mobile application that offers unlimited access to the biggest digital magazines for a monthly subscription price of Php179. “We realized we were not only competing against other e-book apps out there but against all apps in general. Whether they’re gaming apps or utility apps, these products compete for a share of the mobile consumer’s budget. The plan was to come up with another product that’s more competitive and presents better value for money,” says Chad Rosario, Deputy General Manager of Ookbee Philippines.

Ookbee Philippines launched buqo last December 2013 and quickly gained traction among tech-savvy Filipinos and digital advocates. After only eleven months since its launch, buqo registered over 150,000 app downloads. The app continues to rank as one of the top-grossing book apps both in the App Store and Google Play store.

All You Can Read Mobile App Ookbee Buffet

With the launch of Ookbee Buffet, Rosario and his team hope to encourage more Filipinos to sample the digital reading experience on their smartphones and tablets. “A lot of our fellowmen, even genuine readers, are still reluctant to purchase and read content on mobile. Hopefully, through Ookbee Buffet, we can urge readers and consumers alike to try out e-reading, allay their fears, and ultimately change their mindset regarding digital content consumption,” adds Rosario.

With over 100 different titles to choose from, including some international editions of popular glossies, readers can feast on a vast selection of magazines that cater to different interests. Renowned titles such as Esquire Philippines, YES!, Hola, Top Gear, Good Housekeeping, Chalk, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and FHM Philippines are just some of the great reads that are available on the Ookbee Buffet app. And, for a very affordable price of Php179 per month, Ookbee Buffet lends itself as an ideal entry point especially for customers who are hesitant to buy digital content online. If that’s not tempting enough for you, Ookbee Buffet is offering a 7-day trial subscription absolutely FREE so customers can already start reading their favorite magazines.

As more and more Filipinos embrace mobile technology, the demand for digital goods undoubtedly continues to grow each day. Through products like Ookbee Buffet and buqo, access to the best-selling magazines is now just a click away. These are truly exciting times indeed for the publishing industry.

Ookbee Buffet is available on the App Store for Apple and on Google Play for Android devices. Download the app and start your free trial subscription now.

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