Alessandra De Rossi Speaks Her Mind About Why She Didn’t Join the Protest Rally for ABS-CBN

Alessandra De Rossi has spoken out on social media with her personal opinions about joining the protest rallies for the denied franchise renewal for ABS-CBN Network.

On Twitter, Alessandra revealed that she is among those who chose not to go out and protest among crowds, citing public health safety as her number one reason.

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May [COVID-19],” she said in a tweet to explain her absence. “Tsaka di ako okay (mentally) pag madaming tao. Birthday party nga, di ako umaattend, rally pa?

Di ako asar pero di rin ako nagjojoke. Hating hati na tayong lahat dahil sa mga interest na pang personal, pang mahal sa buhay, pang tama at mali. At this point, pag lumaban ka, mayabang ka. Pag nanahimik ka, wala kang paki. Pag pray ka nalang, inasa mo kay Lord. Yung totoo?” she added.

[Translation: COVID-19 exists. And I am not okay (mentally) around crowds. I don’t even attend birthday parties, what makes you think I can attend a rally?

I am not irate, I am not joking. We are all divided because of our personal interests, our loved ones, and between right and wrong. At this point, if you fight, you’re arrogant. If you’re silent, you’re apathetic. If you pray, you’re depending on the Lord for it all. Really?]

She wasn’t afraid to admit that she is frightened by the virus and would rather keep herself safe from it rather than do anything to put herself in harm’s way.

Kaya nga madami nagiisip maldita ako dahil pag tama ako, di ako takot magsabi ng totoo at magmukhang mali. Pero yung [COVID-19] ay wala akong xray vision para dyan. Yung totoo, takot ako dyan. Wala akong planong makausap sya ng personal. Wala akong planong matalo dyan,” she shared.

[Translation: That’s why a lot of people think I’m snobbish because when I’m right, I’m not afraid to speak the truth at the risk of looking foolish. But with COVID-19, I don’t have an x-ray vision for that. The truth us I’m afraid of it. I have no plans of talking to it personally. I have no plans of losing to it.]

She then clarified that there is nothing wrong about attending rallies, just as there is also nothing wrong with not attending for safety reasons.

“Feeling ko kung nasa Pinas nanay ko ay babatukan ako nun kung lumabas ako. Iba iba tayo ng kinalakihan. Iba iba tayo ng laban. Walang mali sa umattend ng rally dahil may gusto sila Ilaban. Walang mali sa gusto palipasin muna to be sure. Isa lang kalaban ngayon at hindi ako yun.

“I respect everyone who fights, I respect everyone who shuts up, for now…till may [COVID-19]. And I will end it with the same statement, hindi ako takot lumaban. Pero takot ako sa nanay ko at sa [COVID-19].”

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[Translation: I have a feeling that if my mom is in the Philippines, she will scold me if I go out. We all grew up differently. We all have our own battles to fight. There is nothing wrong with attending a rally because you have something to fight against. There is nothing wrong with letting things pass just to be sure. We only have one enemy, and that is not me.

I respect everyone who fights, I respect everyone who shuts up for now while there is [COVID-19]. And I will end it with the same statement, I am not afraid to fight. But I am afraid of my mom and [COVID-19].]

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