Alessandra de Rossi Performs The Heartbreaking Song For Her Upcoming Film “12”

After charming audiences with her outstanding performance in the recent film Kita Kita, Alessandra de Rossi is back on a lead role for the upcoming heartbreaking film 12.But she’s not just the leading lady. Alessandra also performed the official theme song

But she’s not just the leading lady. Alessandra also performed the film’s official theme song which is also entitled “Twelve.” And she didn’t just perform it–she wrote and produced it in collaboration with Kjwan frontman Marc Abaya who arranged the song.

Alessandra’s soothing voice combined with Marc’s simple yet emotional arrangements with the guitar and piano makes for “an ambient tune which drips longing and melancholia.”

It’s basically perfect for the film itself.

Listen to it below:

The song speaks of the end of a relationship–one that broke even the individuals involved.

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With simple yet relatable lyrics that easily strikes the heart, along with Alessandra’s vocals and melody, “Twelve” could very well be the next hugot song we’ll all be crying about soon enough.

12, which stars Alessandra de Rossi and Ivan Padilla, will premiere on November 8.

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