WATCH: “#12” Is A Heartbreaking Film About The Harsh Reality Of Losing Yourself For Love

Begin piling up on tissue boxes because we’re going to be needing a whole lot of them for this upcoming film.

“Is there a love worth losing yourself for?”–this is the tagline of Viva Films’ newest masterpiece. If you’ve got an answer to that question, then this film is going to be a must-see for you.

#12 follows the story of a couple who has reached the end of their relationship–when selfishness and issues of compromise are allowed into it.

Take a look at the trailer below:

#12 stars today’s new romcom favorite Alessandra de Rossi with newcomer Ivan Padilla. The trailer itself says a lot about how the pair’s performance could send us all into a cry-fest in the movie houses.

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Plus, it’s got a story that hits just a little bit too close to home. I’m sure a lot of us have experienced giving another person a little too much of ourselves and have nothing from them in return. Yes, it hurts. And yes, it makes for a great movie.

Catch #12 in cinemas this November 8! Prep your tissues!

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