Airport Roads Warning: Gangs Harassing Motorists by NAIA


Beware of these men…


Around 9am last Friday (early January 2013), we made our way to the airport. As we left NAIA terminal 1, we passed under the NAIA flyover. There we saw a group of men harassing motorists. They were banging on the windows of the cars in traffic. Some were even jumping up on the sidesteps for the higher SUVs or trucks. Some of them raised our windshield wipers and started to supposedly clean our front windshield. So our driver lowered his window a bit and gave the men a P20 bill but they still wouldn’t leave, even if our car was moving already, they were still hanging on to our moving vehicle. My driver tried to close the window but the man just started to scream, “My fingers!” Finally, the man leg go of our window when he saw me bring out my camera phone and point it at him.


I wasn’t able to snap a pic of our assailant but I was able to catch the other man harassing the car in front of us.





For that car, the driver fully opened his window so the harasser’s full arm was already in the car. I’m not sure what happened after as my view got blocked.


It was really scary as there were around 7-10 men and I saw other men were looking and snooping around the cars while one main guy distracts the driver as this whole thing was going on.


ALWAYS REMEMBER to lock your doors



Article Written by: Gina Limpingco-Marcos

Posted with her permission.



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