Air Jordans to Halt Production: No More Michael Jordan Sneakers

Air Jordans to Halt Production: No More Michael Jordan Sneakers 


My friends in the United States joke that a stereotypical Filipino would be a nurse or singer or dancer, who wears Jordans. It’s hard to argue with them. 

All around the world, Michael Jordan has become a symbol of greatness. anything the guy touches turns into gold! 

His line of shoes for example, the Air Jordans, helped boost Nike into a global leader in sports footwear. 

Everyone wanted a pair of Air Jordans and they were willing to spend big money on it. Some retro versions of his shoes have gone for tens of thousands of dollars and more! Not to mention signed or game worn Air Jordans. 

But sadly, he announced today, April 1, 2014, that the Air Jordan sneakers will no longer be continuing.


Today It was reported Michael Jordan ended his longtime creative difference dispute with his longtime Jordan Shoe Brand after just reaching his 30 Year Anniversary. It is said that Michael has for sometime been at odds with the company due to the feedback received from customers concerning his latest designs since retiring from the game of basketball. “I didn’t enter the shoe game to sell anything but the best when it comes to the quality of an athletic shoe and for the past few years I haven’t been happy, I refuse to continue any longer”. When asked if the company would plan to still distribute retro versions of the shoe, He simply replied, “Jordan will be done as a brand starting 2015, will I have another clothing venture?, who can predict the future? I just want to take the free time to enjoy my new wife and twins. – 

Oh and did we mention that this was announced today, April 1, 2014….. 😉 

I’m hoping this isn’t the final say and that Michael Jordan might change his mind. But if not, thanks for the awesome shoes Mike! 

Furthermore, reports say that Michael Jordan may enter the ballet shoe market as his daughters have always wanted their own Air Jordans for ballet. 

Check out some of my favorite Michael Jordan Air Jordans commercials below as well as his game winning shot in the NBA Finals! 


It’s gotta be the shoes: Michael Jordan and Spike Lee – AirJordan Sneakers


Michael Jordan game winning shot. AirJordan Shoes 11


Michael Jordan failure commercial: Nike Air Jordans


What do you think of this move and announcement made by Michael Jordan, AIR Jordan Brand and Nike this April 1, 2014


Hoping AIR Products Punctuate Yesterday’s Affluent People Regarding Influential Lives Full Of Our Loving Support 


Air Jordans to Halt Production After 2015: No More Michael Jordan Sneakers

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