Ai-Ai delas Alas Questions Why So Many Miss World PH Contestants Wore Gowns Similar To Catriona Gray’s

Actress Ai-Ai delas Alas  took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the recently-conducted Miss World Philippines pageant. She wished congratulations to all the winners despite not being able to finish the program as she needed her sleep for work the next day. However, she also used her post to consider why it seemed like majority of the contestants had worn gowns which resembled those of Miss Universe, Catriona Gray.

Her congratulatory post featured a photo of the winners proudly bearing their crowns on stage. The gowns of the winners were emphasized when Ai-Ai points out that nearly all of them sport a slit a la Catriona Gray. She writes: “Isa lang ang hindi ako maka move on bakit parang lahat ng GOWN ng contestants may slit either sa kanan or sa kaliwa na mala Catriona (etong pic [diba] lahat sila labas yung hita nila) mga 80% ng gown ganun bakit?” said delas Alas.

[There is just one thing I can’t move on from: why does it seem that most of the contestants’ gowns either had a slit on the right or left side which resemble Catriona’s? In this picture, isn’t it that most of their thighs are showing, about 80% of their gowns have slits, why?]

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“Iba iba naman ang designer… basta weird talaga,” continues delas Alas. “Yung ibang gown tuloy parang hindi lumabas na maganda kasi [di] naman swak yung may slit parang ipinipilit lang lagyan.” [The designers are all different, though. It is really weird. The other gowns seemed not to have turned out nicely because it was not appropriate to have a slit. It is as if the slit was forced.]

Ai-Ai explains that the slit on Catriona’s gowns became iconic because they were fitting in the first place. The slits were not added ‘just because’. She was, of course, referring to the gowns Catriona wore when crowned as both Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2018 and Miss Universe 2018.

How do you feel about this new trend of putting slits on gowns?