AFC’s Eat & Run – Run Foodies Run!

When in Manila, the funnest fun run happened at the Asian Food Channel’s first-ever Eat & Run!

Eat N Run

On this fateful day, foodies let go of their spoon and fork to wear a green bib, and race on a relay to gulp soy milk and/or carb-blocking iced tea drinks, and devour juicy chicken wraps at the AFC’s Eat & Run. This 6-kilometer relay was held 6AM this morning at Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill.

Runners in 3 2 1

At Eat & Run, each runner was required to cover a 2-kilometer distance then report to a specific station to eat or drink or both. When all three runners are done, they must run together to the finish line and earn the bragging rights of finishing the first Eat & Run. As bonus, more food are available for the taking on booths scattered around Venice Piazza.

Eat N Run - Literally

 Though the event was called Eat & Run, what we did was run and eat

since health-wise it’s not advisable to do it the other way around.

How was Eat & Run? See on the next page.

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