Adult Entertainment Website Reveals Filipinos Spent Most Time Watching Saucy Online Videos Last Year

One of the world’s biggest adult entertainment video sites has just published its annual set of visitor statistics, and the Philippines has bagged the number one spot in one category: time spent per visit.

Philippines PornHub Stats 2015

While as a whole nobody watches more frisky films online than the good old US of A, the country has nothing on the champions of stamina from the Philippines. Filipinos spent an average of 12 minutes and 45 seconds on the site last year, compared to a measly 9 minutes and 51 seconds spent by Americans and an even less impressive 5 minutes and 11 seconds spent by Cuban visitors, who came last in the statistic…or first, depending on how you look at it:


In the over-all statistics, nobody watched more steamy clips online than visitors from the USA and the UK, with the Philippines ranking 16th on the list in 2015, a three place improvement to last year:


People have put forward numerous explanations as to why online visitors from the Philippines spent more time  looking for arousing amusements last year than anyone else, ranging from Filipinos being true connoisseurs who like to take their time in matters of such importance, to slow internet connections in the country meaning it simply takes ages for videos to load and play properly. Let us know what you think is the real reason in the comments as usual!