Adopt Don’t Shop: Let’s find Chow Wei a loving home!

“Adopt don’t shop” – many animals are left abandoned and abused. More often than not, these are our furry friends who don’t have permanent homes and live only on scrapes or whatever food they see. These animals include common pets at home, such as dogs and cats.

Carina N. Suarez, a dog lover and an advocate for animal welfare awareness, shared on her Facebook account how one of her rescued dogs, Chow Wei, is looking for a “responsible and loving home”. The post indicates that he is a medium sized chow.

Suarez, who found Chow Wei, took action right away when she saw poor Chow Wei’s condition. She recalls how she was happy that she acted “immediately, the right place, the right time, the combination”.

Other than Chow Wei, Suarez also has other dogs that were rescued and are in search of new homes as well, like Felix.

“Felix is up for adoption to a home who will let him be indoors and not caged. He has a metal plate in one of his legs and a broken front that healed and fused naturally but not aligned,” she says. She describes him as “sweet and clingy”.

“Some are seniors and blind, so I guess they better stay here. Some are still under rehabilitation. Some had bone surgery like Felix, a living miracle,” she recalls. 

“Oreo has broken and dislocated jaw. He is also old.”
“I have a shih Tzu still under treatment but will be up for adoption when coats grow back,” she shares to WHEN IN MANILA
Suarez shares to WHEN IN MANILA that these dogs are “reported neglected and roaming the streets, left or abandoned because they are sick.”
As much as she can, Suarez comes to their rescue and looks after these furry pals. They’ve come a long way since they’ve been found and taken care of, and thankfully, many of them are on their way to recovery and in search for new homes, like Chow Wei. “The purebred rescues I have but still neglected, abused or abandoned are living proof.” she proudly shares.
“If you cannot afford to give a good life or spend for their welfare, do not own a pet,” Suarez adviced.  “More so, when you buy but have no means to feed or care for them properly. Adopted or bought, the problem lies with irresponsible owners. Adopt and be a responsible adopter.”
If you’re interested in finding more about Chow Wei and his story, contact Carina Noralyn Suarez for more details, via Facebook.
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