Adidas Body Care: Excellent Grooming Line for Men

Running, weightlifting, endurance training or even boxing when in Manila may make you look good and feel good. But does it make you smell good?

Go on, guys, ask your significant other if they like how you smell right after an intense workout. It’s ridiculous, right ladies?

Thanks to Adidas‘ impressive collection of affordable body care products, athletic (and even not-so-athletic) men can finally look, feel and smell great each time and every time they hit the gym. Adidas equips men with a complete grooming set that effectively provides round-the-clock protection from body order.

Bro, do you even lift?

Since an active man needs an everyday personal care (well, who doesn’t?) that suites their personality perfectly, Adidas’ Fusion line of high-performance products comes in five sensational scents. There’s Pure Game, Ice Dive, Team Force, Victory League and Dynamic Pulse.

  Adidas Pure Game Line

Pure Game EDT, Anti-perspirant, Shower Gel and Deo Body Spray

Adidas Pure Game Line


The Fusion line has been developed solely with athletes in mind. Just check out the packaging, for starters. From the EDT bottle to the ergonomically designed shower gel, raised dots make it easy for athletes to hold the products even when in the shower. The body spray also features a cap-free actuator so men can easily spray the product on their bodies even when in a hurry.


Adidas Ice Dive Line

Ice Dive EDT, Anti-Perspirant, Shower Gel and Deo Body Spray

Adidas Ice Dive Line  


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