Bullied Child Genius with Asperger’s Has A Higher IQ Than Albert Einstein

Adhara Perez is a gifted 8-year-old from Tlahuac, Mexico who has written her own book, appeared in Forbes Mexico’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico list and finished her schooling at an accelerated pace. Oh, and according to The Yucatan Times she also has the intelligence quotient (IQ) of 162 — which puts her a couple of steps higher than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s IQ of 160.

genius kid adhara perez

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With all these accomplishments, it isn’t difficult to see Adhara reaching her dream of becoming an astronaut. However, that wasn’t always the case. Before her potential was fully discovered she was routinely bullied for being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Her teacher also considered her lazy since Adhara was always asleep and showing no interest in class.

Adhara’s mother, Nallely, knew that this wasn’t reflective of her capability and brought Adhara to a psychiatrist. Nallely was aware that at a young age, her daughter had mastery over algebraic knowledge and the periodic table. The psychiatrist recommended that they go to the Talent Care Center, where Adhara’s notable IQ was confirmed. The center was also where Adhara was able to take classes according to her abilities and which allowed her to finish elementary school at the age of 5, middle school at 6, and high school at 8.

Now, she is currently taking up two online degrees: industrial engineering in mathematics at the Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC) and systems engineering under the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI). Adhara is also currently studying English so that she may soon take the entrance exam for the University of Arizona, where she hopes to study astrophysics.

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